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Why People Cry!

Updated on May 22, 2012

How you feel

I have hundreds of tears on my keyboard, cause people tell their story's everyday,

Some make me laugh, and some make me sad,

But some also give me comfort on a dreary day!

One young lady talks about her father,

who passed on a few years ago,

How proud, she being his daughter,

Her words really did show!

She shared a video,

Of his life and special moments,

But how little did she know,

That her many memories

Had in my life, become my torments!

Sometimes life is just so unfair, and we don't understand why,

So the pain never goes away, it just sits there until something makes me cry.

Thank God for crying,

I don't know what I would do, if I could not cry.

It is therapeutic,

If we could not, it would probably make us sick,

or maybe even die!

For me, crying is like an erupting volcano,

That has finally been allowed to burst,

It has churned and churned for who knows why, I guess it really could be worse!

I wonder why we don't see too many men break down and cry!

Maybe it's because they were told not to cry,but they would feel much better if they did!

Their a big boy now, not a kid!

Who made that rule?

It goes against the grain!

God gave us the ability to cry, and we feel better getting rid of the pain.

Isn't it pain, that has bottled up inside?

Which builds up like a storm, that creates a high tide!

That's all that crying is, it is pain at high tide!

And we need to go with the flow!

Even though life and its problems are the reason why, we need to let it go!

Why do you think the Lord collects our tears?

Does it mean some significant thing?

A drop of DNA in a bottle!

What information might that bring!

I know my tears have been collected, many bottles they have filled.

Someday I will know the reason why, and the moment when they are spilled.

Tears are full of feelings and emotions, like a wet towel when rung out!

But if you are not allowed to show them, one day you will begin to scream and shout!

So don't hold back those tears, go ahead and have a good cry!

The angels will come and get them, and put them in a bottle in the sky.

Oh yes, there is a place there, we just can't see it now.

God has a special place for them, only for us, he will allow!

Many peoples cups are filled up, with no where to put the extra tears,

Or maybe they just never had any empathy, throughout their life long years.

There are so many reasons why we cry,

Like loosing a loved one when they die.

Or watching a child suffer and can't explain to them why.

Some of us cry when we are happy, the feelings of joy just comes bursting out.

You feel like your on top of the world, you hoop and holler and shout.

And of course we all cry when at last, the pain of child birth has passed.

And all we have just gone through, has brought tears and joy,

to have a healthy little girl or boy!

Yes, thats when we cry!

Sometimes we lie awake in our bed, with feelings of terrior and freight,

Praying to God to get us through the night!

Then finally there is the time when we come to God on bended knees,

And that's the time when we cry, that He is well pleased!

God does not like to see a child suffer, it does not matter what age you are!

He looks at you through His Golden light, and He see's you as a shining star.



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    • catgypsy profile image


      6 years ago from the South

      Very beautiful Bonitanna. Thanks for sending me to it.

    • Bonitaanna profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Oil City, PA

      Thank you Gregas, I thought I had answered you, but I don't see an answer here. Oh well, I will answer you anyway. There is no reason why a man should ever have to hold his feelings inside and lump it. Mothers and fathers are wrong when they tell their kids not to cry or they will give them something to cry about. You see, I was also told that growing up. It even made it worse. I had so many tears held back for fear of retaliation over it that I think that there is an ocean of them in me. So don't hold them back, just let go.


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