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Why People Should Stop Playing Addictive Computer Games

Updated on September 21, 2012

Why People Should Stop Playing Addictive Computer Games

There are games which you play casually like mine sweeper and then there are games like World of Warcraft which are addictive for not only kids but adults too. Parents should refrain from buying computer games or console games to their children as presents as there are repercussions which could change a bright kid into a video game addict. If you or your child is addicted to gaming then I suggest that you fix this problem ASAP. Below are the reasons why.

Relationships break up – I once knew a couple who have been together for 2 years who broke up because of the man was so addicted to computer games that he neglected the love of his life to quest with his “online buddies”. I’m sure that many of you have also heard about stories like this. Students may also become more anti-social because they have “friends” online.

Poor Grades – If a student gets addicted to computer games it is very likely they will play this game until it is almost sunrise or even not sleep. Followed by going to school and sleeping in class or just not concentrating on the work, thinking about what to do on the game once you get home. If this happens long term a students grades will definitely plummet. People who are working will have a similar ending.

Not eating right – “Fast food is fast so there is more time for gaming” is what a gamer would think. If this person is eating only fast food because they don't have time to cook or they are not eating when they should, this could lead to permanent health problems in the future.


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