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Why People are Poor and Can't Lose Weight

Updated on August 7, 2013

Why Doesn't It Work?

There are two very critical areas of our American culture that just isn't working very well for the masses. They are financial prosperity and weight loss.

The weight loss industry is a multi-billion dollar industry. Therefore, a LOT of Americans are buying into the weight loss fad, yet America is FAT! It would behoove us to ask why?

First of all we should ask the question, "Does dieting work?" There are really to answers to this. For the most part it doesn't because as a nation we are very much over weight, but if a person will follow the rules of the diet then they can lose weight.

Therefore, it is not the weight loss program that is the problem, it's you and me! Before you stop reading, hear me out because if you can get this you can not only get to your ideal weight but you can also become financially free.

The Wrong Focus

Most people, even experts, focus on the wrong information when dealing with either financial advise or weight loss. Many will start bashing McDonalds because their food is basically unhealthy.

But let me ask you a question, "Have you ever been to McDonalds?" I know I have, in fact I was just there a couple of days ago. You know what I noticed? There were both fat and skinny people eating their food. If skinny people or those who are at their ideal weight can eat at McDonalds and not be obese then apparently it is possible to eat there and still maintain your weight.

As I right this HUB, I am at a point in my life where I need to lose a few pounds. I am also in the process of doing that. About 10 weeks ago I weighed 10 pounds more then what I weigh right now. I still need to loose another 15-20 pounds. My goal is to lose 3/4 of a pound a week this year which will put me at my ideal weight by the end of the year. So far, I am ahead of schedule.

If you are paying attention you will remember that I mentioned that I ate at McDonalds a couple of days ago. This week I have also had pizza and an ice cream dessert with all the trimmings. I will also tell you that I am not taking any magic pills, and it is obvious that I am not on a strict vegetable low calorie menu. In addition, I don't count points, drink shakes, or anything like that. I will tell you what I am doing in a few minutes.

But first let me jump back to the financial area. I am what many would consider wealthy. I haven't always been financially secure. I used to be in debt up to my eyeballs and struggled making ends meet. But something changed a few years ago which is the the point of what I am writing about today.

If you can master this one area you can master anything in your life. Let me explain!

What You See is What You Get

I've been in good shape most of my life. I used to work out religiously, I was in tournament karate, and lived a very active lifestyle. This obviously kept me in pretty good shape. However, as I got older, the family started growing, and more responsibilities were placed upon me I had to give up some stuff. When I gave up this activity I ballooned up to a high of 230 over several years.

I then found myself overweight and broke. I tried several diets, but did as most do found myself on the yo-yo of losing then gaining then gaining again and then loosing. It was very frustrating, but being broke affected me more. So I started focusing on increasing my wealth.

There were a lot of things I did to try and educate myself, but I finally met a man who sort of took me under his wing. He said a very profound thing to me. He said, "You will never be wealthy because you are poor on the inside." He then went on to give me an example. He said you and I could go into a high end clothing store, you could be wearing a suit and I could be in jeans and a t-shirt. I will guarantee you that the salesperson will come and wait on me and not you because I am wealthy inside and you are not."

Many would have gotten their feelings hurt with such straight talk, but I highly respect this man and took his words to heart. Several months later we were both in the same hotel on business. We ended up in the restaurant talking with a couple other business people. I had been there for awhile, had eaten, and had been talking a lot with my waiter. He on the other had had just walked in and had not yet been seated.

As we talked my waiter walked by and I asked him if I could get a refill on my coffee, he confirmed and said he would be right back. As he took a couple of steps a way my mentor said, "Excuse me, could I get some hot tea." Again, the waiter confirmed and said he would return in a few moments. To my surprise the waiter came back with hot water and a tea bag, but not the coffee. He served my mentor then in a few more minutes returned with the coffee. I remembered what this man had said to me, which I explained above, and realized he was absolutely correct.

I then started changing my focus on building wealth. Instead of focusing so much on how to get money I started focusing on how to have a prosperous interior, to not have a poverty mindset. Once I started changing how I saw myself financially it was amazing how opportunities started showing up and my wealth starting increasing.

But I still had a problem, I was overweight! I knew (based on past behavior) that I could easily go on a "diet" and lose weight, but if I did I also knew that I would gain it back. Because the problem is not what I eat, the problem is how I see myself. I saw myself as this big lug walking around. It is the same as having a poor mentality.

So about six months before I ever did anything to lose weight I started visualizing myself at my desired weight. I saw myself being limber, moving easily, and not having a gut. What did this do? It changed my behavior toward my weight.

What behavior did I change? I am conscious of how much I move and how much I take in. If I am in a situation that I am going to eat pizza I have a mental consciousness that I need to offset that meal with my next. It is now, not a grunge to work out. I don't have time to work out an hour a day, nor do I want to make time. So I put together a workout routine that works for me and then, whenever possible I walk.

These last couple of months has been the easiest for me to lose weight because I am not on a diet. I am living in conformity to how I see myself, which is the exact same way I lived before. It's just that I saw myself incorrectly before.

So let me tell you why you find it difficult to increase financially and lose weight. It is because you have a poor and fat picture of yourself. Change the picture and you will be amazed at how your lifestyle will change to match it.


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    • steveso profile image

      Steve 5 years ago from Brockport, NY

      Very good article. People are fat because they make the wrong choices when eating and don't get any exercise at all. If you look at all of the diet supplement fads they always say to use with a program of proper nutrition and exercise.