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Why Pregnancy Spacing Prevent Iron Deficiency Anaemia in Women

Updated on June 25, 2009

Anaemia  is caused by lack of red blood cell in the body. Red blood cells in our body contains pigment called haemoglobin which gives our blood it’s red colour. Haemoglobin transport oxygen from the lungs to the rest of the body.

With low level of haemoglobin in our blood cells, women easily becomes Anaemic. When your haemoglobin level is low, your body tissues are deprived of oxygen leading to the sysmptoms of anaemia

Anaemia is caused by the following

1.       Loose of blood

Women loose a lot of blood every monthly period they have and with this the iron in the body is reduced significantly. Women with heavy periods are most affected by anaemia since they lose a lot of bloods compare to other women who bleed less

2.       Pregnancy

During pregnancy period, the baby depends entirely on the mother for nutrients including iron; with this the mother has to take as twice the amount of iron to cater for the baby and herself, also during birth women loose a lot of blood which causes higher risk for getting anaemia.

3.        Pectic Ulcers

When one loose too much blood from a bleeding ulcer in the stomach or duodenum, you will suffer from Iron Deficiency Anaemic. During bleeding a lot of blood is being lost and should be replaced immediately

4.       Hookworm

Hookworm also causes Iron Deficiency Anaemia, they live in the small intestine feeding on your blood, hookworms is the most dangerous little worms which can affect many people in a small area with large population

Prevention and treatment of Iron Deficiency Anaemia

1.       There should be good fiscal disposal to control hookworm, high standard of cleanliness should be observed at the time

2.       When affected one should use iron tablets which helps build up your iron store and increases your haemoglobin level

3.       Consumption of bone marrow  meat which has got red substance in the hollow center of the bone rich in Iron

4.       Women should have spacing pregnancy – this allows for them to recover the blood lost during the previous birth.

If you realized that you have lost too much blood during bleeding, it is advisable to seek your doctors opinion


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    • oderog profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from Nairobi

      Yes iron can be depleted through exercise just follow your nutritionist specialist and you will gain more iron as fast as possible

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      I am a runner and didnt realise that my iron would be depleted through exercise and this led to me plateauing in terms of my fitness goals which i thought was 'the wall' little did i know the real cause! I am supplementing with iron and my levels have come back up but now I have the added side effect of constipation, so i’ve adjusted my doses (as recommended by my nutritionist) and hopefully this will help to correct this.


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