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Why Pre Plan Your Own Funeral?

Updated on April 11, 2013

The Benefits of Pre Planning Your Funeral

The last gift you can provide for your loved ones is also among the most generous you could give in your lifetime. Generosity takes many forms, and the most important aspect of pre planning isn't necessarily alleviating the financial burden of a funeral.

When we lose a loved one, we are decimated. Along with extreme emotional distress comes the need for a barrage of information and fast decisions we must live with forever. Our ability to source the necessary information and make sound judgements is impaired, and these pressures and responsibilities also escalate stress levels that are already close to unbearable.

Here are examples: do you know your spouse's parents' middle names? Places of birth? Dates of birth? Have your parents or spouse told you of their preference for cremation versus burial?

It's a gift of great compassion for you to gather these pieces of information into a document, and inform your spouse or children of its whereabouts. For example, "Honey, in the bedroom closet, top right shelf, there is an envelope with a key to the lock box that contains my Will and Funeral Information Worksheet".

There is a simple, effective and free Funeral Planning Worksheet in PDF for printing out and filling in the blanks, available at:

There is also an excellent book that deals in detail with the notion of pre planning your funeral celebration, called "The Party of Your Life". It suggests getting together with a group of your most trusted friends, who will then become your "Funeral Posse" to execute every aspect of the celebration of life you envision. "The Party of Your Life" book is available at their web site:

The benefits of pre planning your own funeral are enormous. Providing the financing is only the icing on the cake.

Barbara Bergen is Designer / CEO of Cremation Urns by Legacy Inc.

A cremation urn may be chosen as part of one's pre-planning, and enjoyed as a piece of art until it is needed as an urn.
A cremation urn may be chosen as part of one's pre-planning, and enjoyed as a piece of art until it is needed as an urn. | Source


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    • Barbara Bergen profile image

      Barbara Bergen 5 years ago from Nelson, BC, Canada and Sarasota Florida, USA

      If my spouse passed away suddenly, I wouldn't know his parents' middle names, or their birthplaces, except that he has very thoughtfully included this and all the necessary information in his funeral plan. These are just a few of the hundreds of details that will be needed.