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5 Myths Associated With Belly Fat

Updated on November 22, 2017

Who would not long for a possibility of having a stellar physique with absolutely none or less effort? But, not all popular ways to reduce that stubborn belly fat have been proved officially. There are those myths in bold letters or shiny captions that we come across daily in tabloids asserting that doing those will help in our mission to gain killer abs. When I felt the need to reduce my belly fat, I surfed web to know those do's and never do's and seriously, they made me feel depressed. Even before I started, I began to lose my motivation. But are they all worth that attention? Read on to know the misconceptions we have and the amount of truth they behold.

1) Intake of sugar is entirely prohibited.

I have always heard these questions. "Fruits contain sugar, So should they be avoided?" " Milk contains lactose, Should we not drink milk?" and the list goes on. There are many products which naturally contain sugar.Now, this means that the people who want to shed those pounds will also cut out diary products from their diet. This will result in cutting off a great source of Vitamin D and Calcium. Instead of worrying about direct intake of sugar, we should reduce processed foods which contain added sugar. Fruits contain not only sugar but also fibers and vitamins. Essentially avoid only processed foods and cakes. Eat plenty of fruits and drink milk.

2) Green tea cuts belly fat enormously.

Many people on reading the title will be surprised or taken in for a rude shock. But, this is true. Green tea is a non-calorie beverage and it will definitely help in cutting sugar intake. But, you can't rely only on green tea for those flat abs which you wish to acquire. Drinking a cup of green tea is good for health. The results have been very modest and it is said that if you want to see phenomenal changes, you have to drink about 7 cups a day. Beware, drinking more than 4 cups of green tea per day can cause insomnia, constipation and sever head ache.

3) Ab exercises are the only thing you need for drool worthy abs.

This is a popular misconception about flat abs. They say doing crunches perform miracles on our belly fat. Trust me, Ab exercises will only develop the muscle. If you want to cut the fat, you should concentrate on your diet regime. If there are layers of fat accumulated in our body, no amount of crunches will help in getting abs. The kind of abdominal muscles everyone have are different. So, our diet has to be in place before we workout on our way to flat abs.

4) Eating certain foods will melt away your belly fat.

We come across this way too often where people claim that they have reduced belly fat by eating certain foods. They say adding cinnamon and turmeric to our diet will help but the truth is that, exercises help in targeting fat in certain areas where as food does not have that mechanism to target a certain area. They will make our entire body lean but not only in places where most fat gets accumulated such as thighs or abdomen.

5) Bananas are to be avoided if you want those enviable abs.

Congratulations to all those who love banana but are tricked into thinking that they will affect your belly fat. You can definitely eat banana and have no qualms about it. Even though eating a banana will have a calorie intake of 100, the total fat contained in bananas is absolutely 0 gm. Now, you may say that even cold beverages have no fat content but they come with added sugar. Banana is completely devoid of added sugar and has fiber content as well as 17% of Vitamin C and 12% Potassium.

So, please don't avoid the good old banana and have a banana daily.

Now that all the popular myths surrounding belly fat have been busted, decide it for yourself and get going on your regime. Happy fat busting!!!!


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