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Why Ryka Zumba Shoes Are Best For Zumba

Updated on December 29, 2016

All Zumba lovers wonder what is the best Zumba shoes. The thing is that it is very important to choose proper shoes if you have decided to enroll in Zumba class. The right shoe will prevent you from injuries while also keeping your feet from getting too tired. While shopping for the perfect Zumba sneakers, you should keep your eye on Ryka Zumba shoes, which not only offer comfort and stability, but also are made by a very reputable athletic brand.

Zumba dance is very intense and requires all sorts of different movements including sliding, spinning and jumping. That's why it is important to have the best shoes for Zumba routines. In general, Ryka Zumba shoes can satisfy even the most demanding person, because they combine best technologies in the industry with nice look and attractive design. Moreover, Ryka specializes in athletic shoes and clothes designed specifically for women. What can be better, than wearing the shoes designed especially for you?

How To Choose Zumba Shoes

When shopping for Zumba shoes for women, remember to keep in mind these guidelines:

  1. Best shoes for Zumba should be designed for dance activity. Gym, running, tennis or any other types of sneakers won't make any good. They may even interfere with your training preventing you from doing some moves or causing injuries.
  2. The shoes should provide the right amount of support, cushioning and shock absorption. They also have to have good arch support.
  3. The soles of the shoes should be flat and should be able to spread the impact caused by jumping to prevent your joints from injuries. This will help to keep better balance and prevent falling.
  4. The shoes should have the right amount of traction (less than running shoes, but still enough not to slip and fall during your workout).

I have reviewed 5 best Zumba shoes in another hub. But Ryka Zumba shoes are not only light and flexible, but also very breathable, keeping your feet cool and protected. These shoes help to reduce fatigue while also support and cushion your feet. That's why they probably are the best choice for any Zumba dancer.

If you have decided that Ryka Zumba shoes are best choice for you, just check a couple of online stores for the models you like. Many websites offer Ryka shoes on sale while also providing free two-way shipping. Compare the prices at different websites, like or

Remember, Zumba is a high intense fitness activity which means that if you don't use proper shoes, you might get injuries or joint damage.

Other Brands

There are many other brands you can consider, however Ryka is among our favorites for women. Not only because it is made with a dancer in mind, like many other dance shoes (Capezio, Bloch etc.), but because it is made with a woman in mind and is perfect for our body.

The video reviewing different dance fitness sneakers will help you in choosing the best shoes for you.

What Zumba Shoes Brand Do You Prefer?

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      Shushanik 4 years ago from San Francisco Bay Area

      Yes, they should be good for any kind of dancing