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You are Your Own Hurdle

Updated on August 16, 2020
Surya KP profile image

Surya is a Public Speaker and his core areas of interests in writing are about Personality and Lifestyle development.

We live in extremely stressful times. The Corona virus has spread to almost all the corners of the earth leaving everyone shattered to their foundations and plunged millions into poverty.
At times like these, our mental resilience is put to an effective test. Human interaction is slowly being replaced with the digital interface and contrary to popular belief, this particular change is taking a toll on everyone’s mental health.

“Remember, you have been criticising yourself for years and it hasn’t worked. Try approving of yourself and see what happens.” — Louise Hay
“Remember, you have been criticising yourself for years and it hasn’t worked. Try approving of yourself and see what happens.” — Louise Hay

The Digital World and "Social Media effect"

Due to aggressive shutdowns across the world, most of us are sitting in our home glued to our phones. According to some screen time statistics experts, on an average we spend close to 3 hours on our phones on normal working days. Right now, most of the companies as well as the working class folks have adopted the “Work from Home” concept. So if you do the math, one spends close to 8 hours a day online. One of it’s major advantages is that it helps us save a lot of time. It also leads to an enormous amount of energy drain. The problem here is that since most of us are online, sharing photos, texting for hours etc, directly or indirectly, our mind instigates a lot of comparison with others. We are either influenced by a celebrity’s lifestyle or we sink with self depreciation looking at our close pal’s latest photo with his six pack abs. We start realising that our life is not only noteworthy but it’s also not “post worthy” and forget finding happiness in the smallest of things.

Excessive usage of social media also takes a toll on our mental health and all those comparisons lead to a distorted self-image. No matter whatever one ends up doing in life, having a clear idea about themselves is the most important.

Harsh Reality

One thing which is pretty common lately is that a person’s social media life does not match his personality. Yeah, it’s kinda hard to digest but it’s the truth. This is the place where the importance of “self-image” emerges. It is quite simple. Your mental projection of your own self is very crucial in your life’s journey. If you look at yourself to be a happy go lucky sort of a person , then your life will automatically dwell in the path of happiness. On the other hand, if you keep doubting your abilities, live with anxiety, think that your life is distorted, then it is obvious that your life is chaotic to the core.

You're your only obstacle !

Seeking External Validation

I am an 18 year old teenager and if there is something that I see my peers dissolving their minds into, then it’s the disastrous loop of seeking external validation. We are socially conditioned in such a way that we feel our self worth is measured by the number of people on our Instagram inbox or in the number of comments for everything that we post on a periodic basis. Our image lies in our own expectations and in the way in which we look at ourselves. Afterall, your life is in your own hands. If you think that you are a sprinting champion, then don’t just sit there and wait for that external push, for everything you ever need lies within you. Put in the required work ethic and believe in your capabilities and always, I repeat , always work in such a way that you’re able to take down a few extra miles. All this starts in your mind. Develop a solid mental construct and validation will never matter , for you are everything you ever want to be!

The Importance Of You

No matter what the world says, when real life kicks in full swing, the only thing that will matter is the way you judge your own self. Negative criticisms will be thrown at your face on a daily basis but if there is something that you can truly do about all this, then it is by the filtering of unwanted opinions and focusing only on the ones that pertain to your self improvement. Not only your future lies in your own hands but the way you perceive yourself as a person also lies in your hands.

The greatest ever failure one is bound to experience at a certain point in their life is when they fall in front of their own eyes. Remember you always have a shot at self redemption by changing the way you look at yourself. The choice is yours !!


This is a very powerful technique to know about yourself and your capabilities to a very good extent. Indulging in self-talk can be done during any part of the day. It helps you clear your mind and also in getting a fresh perspective about things in your life. Billionaires, successful people etc practice this on a daily basis. It will elevate your life to such an extent where you'll find contentment in your living process. Self introspection is also a very essential component in the construction of the life that you wanna live and the end point of all this comes in the form of happiness. Life comes full circle and the only thing we as human beings seek is finding happiness in our day to day activities but all this begins to unfurl only if you understand your own personal importance and uncover meaning in your own self.

Repeat the following statements everyday :-

Every morning, after waking up, indulge in “self-talk” and repeat these lines in your mind.

  1. I am who I am.
  2. I’ll make sure that I will become a better human being with each passing day.
  3. I accept my flaws and I am completely okay with being incomplete.
  4. I am my own limitation. I’ll strive to achieve the bars I’ve set for myself.
  5. I don’t care about how the society looks at me. I only care about how I perceive myself as a person. Period.

The single most important in life is how you see yourself. The world might judge every move of yours but in the end of the day, your life and the way you view your own self lies in your own hands.Greatness is achieved only after conquering and understanding our own self. It is simple yet quite profound.

© 2020 Surya KP


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