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Why Should I Forgive? - 3 Powerful Reasons to Forgive That Benefit You!

Updated on September 13, 2012
The power of forgiveness
The power of forgiveness

'I'm Sorry!!!'

'I'm sssss...sorry!' Often two of the hardest words to say.

"I forgive you'. Perhaps even harder, and yet both are incredibly liberating.

Forgiveness is letting go

There is amazing power released in forgiveness.

Forgiveness is letting go, that is, positioning yourself in regard to a certain event or person in such a way that the event or person no longer has power over you.

Forgiveness can only be given by the person who suffered the offense. When we forgive, we are saying we are bigger than the offense and will not allow our life to be defined or controlled by that event.

I have found forgiveness to be a process. Sure, there are simple offenses and mistakes that are easy to forgive, and then there are 'biggies' that cause deep wounds to your heart. These usually take time and choosing to forgive over and over again numerous times. However, forgiveness begins with an act of your will, that is making a decision to forgive. Over time feelings follow and the 'sting' and hurt seem to fade.

Three great benefits of forgiveness!


Ever noticed small children and their reluctance to say 'sorry' or to forgive. They usually have a self-centered sense of justice... according to them. As we grow up and mature, things have to change or our relationships are negatively impacted. A wise man once said, 'When I was a child, I thought and acted like a child. But when I grew up I put away my childish ways'. (I Cor. 13:11)

Forgiveness takes courage and maturity. One of the most important ways to begin to overcome an injured heart is to forgive the one who hurt you. You may not feel up to this - at first. It requires great courage to choose to forgive and let go of the bitterness and pain that was caused. Yet we must find the courage to begin, to be big enough to forgive for our own sake.


Forgiveness brings freedom. If we are unable to forgive we run the risk of becoming 'chained' to a situation, offense or hurt for years. Like 'Groundhog Day', we can find ourselves re-living the event in our mind and feeling the hurt over and over again.

Forgiving and releasing the person who caused the hurt or offense will begin to bring incredible freedom in your heart and to your mind. It will release you to move on with your life.

Forgiveness promotes health


Hanging onto bitterness, resentment and hurt can wear you down, not only emotionally, but physically as well. It takes quite a bit of energy to stay angry. Our thinking, emotions and physical body are all connected. What affects one area of your life, often affects other areas of your being as well. I have found that forgiving and releasing those who have wronged you allows peace and health to flow unhindered in your life. Forgiveness can open a way for relationships that have been broken to have the opportunity to be restored.

We can't lose for winning! - When we forgive.

A part of loving is being willing to forgive...again and again

Forgiveness takes bigness of heart

Forgiveness brings incredible freedom

Forgiveness releases healthiness to your soul

Forgiveness can heal and strengthen relationships

Forgiveness pays loooooong term dividends

Forgiveness must be expressed. It is as simple as saying, 'I forgive you'.


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