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Why Some People Often Get Sick And Others Rarely Get Sick

Updated on January 22, 2017

Sick People vs. Healthy People

Some people rarely get sick and others seem to be sick every time you talk to them. People who get sick are often those who talk about being sick. Also, sick people are those who expect to be sick.

An 80-year-old man had a habit of saying he was sick even when he wasn't. In the neighborhood when people asked the familiar question, "How are you?" the man never answered by saying, "Fine," "Great," or some of the other common response. Instead, the man responded by saying he was sick. He would delay people by taking a considerate amount of time itemizing what was wrong with him. People began to avoid the man or refused to ask how he was when they greeted him. They weren't being mean, they knew exactly what the man would say because he always gave a detailed medical report.

Focus On Good Health Rather Than On What's Ailing You

Some sick people like to tell others every detail of the illness. They seem to revel in it. Apparently, they fail to see that whatever they constantly focus on grows. This simply means that when people talk about their illnesses, they feed into it and they continue to be sick.

It would help if they talked about being healthy more than they talked about being sick.

Following are some theories about things that keep people sick. While they are just theories, they are worth reading.

"An apple a day keeps the doctor away."
"An apple a day keeps the doctor away." | Source

An Apple A Day

Most people have heard the proverb that says, "An apple a day keeps the doctor away." The apple was probably chosen for this saying because it's the fruit that contains all the nutrients that are needed for a healthy body.

The apple contains pectin, boron, quercetin, Vitamin A, C, and E as well as phytonutrients. Apples are low in calories which help to make it a healthy food.

Apples also act as a toothbrush. The fruit can clean teeth and kill bacteria in the mouth. Apples may reduce the risk of tooth decay.

Laughter is the best medicine,
Laughter is the best medicine, | Source

Laughter Is The Best Medicine

Comedians will tell you that laughter is good for you. It relieves stress. Besides, a good belly laugh provides is like a good workout that gives you the same feeling as jogging. Laughing about 15 minutes each day may help prevent a heart attack by expanding the lining of blood vessels to improve blood flow.

It has been reported that if a person laughs about 15 minutes every day, it may help prevent a heart attack. That's because when the lining of blood vessels expand, blood flow is improved.

Endorphins are released when a person laughs. The release of endorphins makes a person resistant to illnesses. Comedians such as Bob Hope and George Burns lived to be 100 years old. Perhaps it because they laughed a lot.

Depressed and complaining people are often sick people.

A dog is man's best friend and can keep him well.
A dog is man's best friend and can keep him well. | Source

Own A Pet

Is it true that pet owners see their doctors less than those who don't have pets? A person's blood pressure can be lower just from the simple act of petting an animal. If you don't have a dog or cat to pet, just by watch fish swim in a tank can help slow down complications of Alzheimer in many patients.

Woman sleeping
Woman sleeping | Source

Get Enough Sleep

Even though the rule is to get at least eight hours of sleep each night, most people don't get that much sleep. Not getting enough sleep affects a person's overall well-being. If you can't sleep, try sprinkling your pillowcases with lavender or vanilla aromas or snack on warm milk, yogurt or walnuts just before going to bed. These are natural sleep inducers.

A good tip for people who toss and turn at night is to sprinkle their pillowcases with lavender or vanilla aromas. This will calm them during the night. Also, it would help to drink warm milk, eat yogurt or walnuts just before going to bed. These things are referred to as natural sleep inducers.

Woman reading
Woman reading | Source

Read For Better Health

Did you know that people who read a lot are healthier than people who seldom read? People don't have to read the entire newspaper to be healthy. Just by reading the sections they like can help improve their health.

Completing crossword or other types of puzzles can keep a person's mind sharp and adds to a person's overall good health.

Read the Bible For Inspiration

Reading just one scripture from the Bible every day will help people stay healthy both physically and spiritually.
Reading just one scripture from the Bible every day will help people stay healthy both physically and spiritually.


People who meditate on a regular basis seem to be healthier than those who don't. People who are in the habit of meditating usually are in a better mood than others. It might be because people would rather meditate than complain or harbor unforgiveness and bitterness.

Also, they are positive when telling people how they feel. They realize that "death and life are in the power of the tongue," according to Proverbs 18:21.


Keep a journal and write something throughout the day. Journaling will help a person stay healthy especially if the focus is on positive things.

People who doodle tend to get sick less often than those who don't pick up a pen or pencil at any time during the day.

Stop Stocking Up On Medicine

Some people stock up on medicine just because it is on sale. Other people buy medicine "just in case" they get sick. Those people are more likely to end up getting sick and using the medicine they have on hand than those who didn't prepare in advance.or program themselves in advance to use the medicine.

People can program themselves to get sick, and they usually do get sick.

Drug stores have all kinds of over the counter medicines.
Drug stores have all kinds of over the counter medicines.

Don't Take Pride In Being Sick

It is sad to say, but some people take pride in being sick. Their sickness becomes their idol. You can tell because they personalize their illnesses by saying, "My sinuses" or "My cold."

They seem to enjoy talking about their illnesses to others. In fact, some people go so far as trying to top what others say is ailing them. Every time people talk about their illness, they give power to it.

What God Says About Good Health

Dear friend, I pray that you may enjoy good health and that all may go well with you, even as your soul is getting along well. (3 John 1:2 NIV)

Things To Do To Stay Well

Focus on good health instead of illnesses.
Eat an apple a day.
Laugh at least 15 minutes a day.
Own a pet.
Get enough sleep.
Read something often.
Complete crossword puzzles and workbook exercises.
Read the Bible for inspiration.
Journal or doodle.
Don't stock up on medicine just because it is on sale.
Don't take pride in being sick.
Stop talking so much about being sick.


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    • revmjm profile image

      Margaret Minnicks 13 months ago from Richmond, VA

      Thanks a lot, greenmind, for reading and commenting. I have found that those areas I discussed are quite valid.

    • greenmind profile image

      GreenMind 13 months ago from USA

      There are some nice ideas here. I hope we all can find peace and health in our lives!