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Why The Paleo Diet Is Not For Me

Updated on September 11, 2014

Man is No Longer a Caveman

There are several reasons why the Paleo Diet is not the way to go. First of all, the Paleolithic era ended 15,000 years ago. The writers of claim that our genetics have changed over the years and humans have adapted and changed. Man is no longer the Caveman he was 15,000 years ago.

Leslie Bonci, from UPMC, LIfe-Changing Medicine, agrees with this. Bonci goes on to say studies have proven that early man was a vegetarian, not a carnivore (a meat-eater). And in today's world most people don't hunt for their food on a daily basis.


Problems with the Paleo Diet

Two factors of the Paleo diet that can do more harm than good revolve around carb restriction and meat consumption. claims that by seriously restricting the body from what it is used to, "weight loss frustration" can be induced. In addition, completely restricting carbs can make the Paleo diet a weight loss plan that is difficult to follow for a longer period of time. As a matter of fact, because of the serious carb restriction, many people have dropped the Paleo diet.

Meat that is being advanced in the Paleo diet is not the same as was supposedly consumed in the Paleolithic era. Also, even though people following this diet are advised to eat wild, grass-fed meat, most people, out of convenience and cost, eat meat products that have been given growth hormones, antibiotics, and ingest toxins that are part of our environment.

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Too Restrictive

The Paleo Diet is too restrictive for me. A little warning sounds when I attempt to get my nutrients from a meat-laden meal. At first I wanted to try the diet because of the unconventional way of eating like a Caveman. However, it didn’t take long before I was back to eating three-course meals. Dr. Dominy, a highly regarded anthropologist from Darmouth College, claims Cavemen were starchivores rather than carnivores. He claims starch was found on grinding tools from the Paleolithic period. This is important because, according to Paleo followers, starchy foods have no place in the diet. Vegetarian, from a blog that takes a stand against the Paleo Diet, says, “The people on these diets tend to carry with them a certain self-righteousness.” And this attitude has never worked with me.

Foods of the Paleo Diet
Foods of the Paleo Diet | Source
  • The food for the Paleo diet can be pricey.
  • We need grains to stay healthy and for energy.
  • Grains do need to be eaten in moderation.
  • We need dairy products for healthy bones.
  • High levels of meat effect the balance of beneficial bacteria in the intestines.

Planning the Meals

In my home, I’m not the only one who buys groceries. I am, though, the one who prepares the meals and have to think about more than just myself. With my family, protein-heavy and low carb meals do not work. And neither my son nor my husband are obese or out of shape. My son has a Bachelors and a Masters in health-related fields and was a Corpsman in the U.S. Navy. He says the key to health and weight control is a balanced diet, which concentrates on portion control.

The Expert Speaks

Personal Experience

I don’t eat ice cream or drink dairy products because I am lactose intolerant. I prefer salad or vegetables because they’re delicious and they’re good for me. I can eliminate fatty and processed foods and sugars on my own.

Watching what I eat is a matter of common sense and I don’t need someone with a new diet idea to give me permission to say it’s all right to eat something. I believe the “watch your portions” is better than any diet already in existence or one yet to be created.


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The Final Decision is Yours
The Final Decision is Yours | Source


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  • cathylynn99 profile image

    cathylynn99 3 years ago from northeastern US

    the mediterranean diet is associated with less heart disease, less dementia, and lower mortality. no red meat, lots of fish, olive oil, lots of fruits and veggies, nuts, whole grains.