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Why Thin Is Not In

Updated on January 10, 2010

Forget thin, fat is in! Everywhere you go, every direction you look, expanding waistlines are everywhere. This is the current fact of life. It's common to hear about how the obese get treated badly or how they get discriminated. There are thousands of self-help books, how-to advices and feel good articles that help address this problem. Why, even the congress is bound to pass a law against fat discrimination way before they fix this country's health care system!

How about the people on the other side of the pole? You know, those skin 'n bones, spawns of Skeletor? They've become minorities. As more and more people become horizontally challenged, skinny bashing has become a favorite downtime activity. Just like the portly members of the populace, skinny Johns and Janes can also suffer from low self esteem. Finding positive information about someone's skinny anatomy can be very hard and frustrating. Just try typing the word "thin" or "skinny" in Google search and you'll be directed to websites pertaining to eating disorders and Skinny-People-Make-Me-Sick articles.

Nature has given me meager structural statistics. And from experience, I will say that it is rare to spend a day outside the house without hearing snide remarks about my weight. Eating with the masses can be a trying moment. How is it possible to enjoy a meal, when someone loudly wonders if you're headed to the restroom to rid of what you just ate? And why do thin people get derided when they try to join discussions regarding diet and exercise? Is it really an anomaly to see skinny Susan sweating it out at the gym or eating a healthy salad at the cafeteria? Why are the healthy habits of the thin people questioned or equated to narcissistic-schizoid tendencies?

I guess it is human nature to pick on the minority. And in a world where there is dominion of the super sized, I guess scrags like me will one day be extinct. So much for "fat-free"!


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    • sense4logic profile image

      sense4logic 8 years ago

      Thank you - I'll take the hug :)

    • kmackey32 profile image

      kmackey32 8 years ago from Pittsburgh PA

      People come in all shapes and sizes. And different people are attracted to people with different shapes and sizes. Everyone needs loving nomatter how you look. Sounds like you need a hug.