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Why Universal Health Care Doesn't Work - Part 1

Updated on August 26, 2012
Universal Healthcare
Universal Healthcare | Source

Universal Healthcare Does Not Work

I know I am probably going to get a lot of comments on this hub. That's okay. We should have a healthy and critical discussion on this subject. But can anyone please let me know how we can add millions of people to a system that is over budget and still come out spending less money? Also, a single payer system, i.e., the government means less competition. Now, why not just look at Massachusetts. They have a universal health care system set up on a state wide basis and it has failed miserably.

Why Obamacare Was Ruled Unconstitutional

Universal Healthcare

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The Government Gets to Decide on Life or Death Decisions

Now this may seem a bit more conspiracy theory like, but having the government decide on life or death decisions gives them power far greater than they should have. The potential for abuse on this is enormous. Besides bureaucrats take forever to make decisions. You may not have the time to wait on that. Plus, having the government decide on medical decisions makes it very difficult for doctors to live up to the do no harm pledge that they take. They may order a test that they deem is necessary all while the government decides that you don't need that test.

The Government Does Not Manage Programs Properly

The bureaucratic nature of governments makes it close to impossible to get things right when managing a program. You name any program that they have done right. Some of you may comment that Social Security is still operating on a surplus but 1) that surplus is getting smaller and smaller each year and 2) Social Security when first implemented was only supposed to be paid for by the rich (this tune sounds all too familiar doesn't it?) and it was only supposed to last one year (the average age of a person back then was 65).

So perhaps you'd like to state that Medicaid and Medicare are two government programs that have been successful. Well if so, then it truly depends on how you measure success. If you consider a program that is outrageously over budget and mismanaged then by all means have at the fantasy that these programs work.

Forcing People To Buy Insurance

Under the commerce clause, so it is proposed, the government can force you to buy insurance. How can anyone possibly feel that this is a good idea? If this is allowed what is to stop the government from forcing you to buy other items, like cars that they have subsidized? If you don't believe this is possible then you are truly in trouble and will be in for a shock if this provision is allowed to stand.

Obamacare on Amazon

If The Plan Is So Good Why Are Special Interest Groups Opting Out?

If this bill was so beneficial don't you think that everyone would adopt it without trying to get exemptions? Yet, that's exactly what's happening to groups that Obama is sympathetic to. These are the same groups that cheered Obama on when the legislation was first being considered. Excuse me? Are you kidding me? Some people get special privelages because they fund Obama? Those kinds of practices are what dictatorships thrive on. How can that possibly be constitutional?

Read more about this here.

Special Interest Opt Outs

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Pelosi - "Let's Get This Thing Passed So We Can Read It"

If you don't believe that Nancy Pelosi said this then you are truly out of touch with reality. Very few if any of the legislature read the law that everyone rushed to pass. That means no one really knows what they voted for. If this is any indication why this whole Obamacare is a bad idea then you should support its being ruled unconstitutional.

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If the Plan is So Good, Why Did The Federal Government Pass Laws That Congress, Senate and the President Don't Have to Participate

There was actually a law that was passed by a large majority that allows our elected officials in the federal government to keep their cushy health plans and not have to participate with Obamacare. Do I really need to elaborate on this?

If We Obolish Obamacare, Should We Go Back to the Way Things Were?

The health insurance system in the United States is broken. So going back to the status quo is not an option for our country. As Obamacare will eventually become a single payer system which will choke off competition, why not open the state borders among insurers and allow customers to shop in any state? You cannot do that today. Currently, you can only buy insurance in your state. If the borders are opened, competition will increase drastically and prices will come down.

Also, much progress has been made on health savings accounts. Although not perfect they certainly give people ways to choose how they want to spend on healthcare. My biggest problem with them is that people lose the money when the year is complete. I think you should be able to carry over any excess.

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