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Why We Like Junk Food More Than Healthy Food!

Updated on August 14, 2017

Sustenance to Choose

Healthy food is what you and I prefer. Junk food is what we love. Are we really able to balance them, or do we mostly overstep?

The other day, I went to a supermarket. I had strictly planned to buy foodstuff of high nutritional value. I stuck to the plan only until a thought came to my mind which said, 'Plenty of the healthy food has been bought. Good job; It would be fine if you purchased some junk products. On balance, organic goods would weigh more, so that's okay.'

I then went to the tempting processed food section, I wanted to buy a small potato chips packet, but I grabbed a big one. Why did I buy a big one? Because my mind said 'small wouldn't be enough.' Why did the mind say such a thing? Keep reading below to find answers.


Reasons Why We Like

  • 1) Taste:

One of the reasons people like junk eatables more than healthy ones is because of the taste.
They say, 'A man's happiness is through his stomach.' The essence of this saying applies largely to the pleasure triggered by the packet and canned eatables.
The numerous chemical and artificial combinations give junk food a devouring flavor.

Do not forget, the scientists of the convenience food suppliers spend ample time in research and invent delicious flavors. What makes their products delectably delicious is the carefully planned mixture of components rich in salt, sugar, and fats.
Who won't get tempted to that?

  • 2) Satiation Level:

Most of the times, when I start munching on wafers or chips, (even biscuits, cookies, and other snacks), I don't settle until I finish the whole packet.
Let's say I exercised control for some reason, or I consumed some, none, or all of the packet products; I still desire for more as the craving never dies.
Don't you face the same too? Here is the answer.

Healthy and homemade nutritious foods have a satiety level, eating them you feel full and satisfied. That is why you don't over eat and hardly have a nutritional deficiency.

Junk food, however, is made in such a way (through planning) that you remain fond of them always. You are happy to eat but not satisfied. You want more.
That's why when I wanted to buy a small potato chips packet while in a supermarket (as explained in the example at the beginning), I ended-up buying a large one. My mind knew I wouldn't be satisfied.
Primarily, for these reasons, everyone is a victim of manipulation of the junk food makers.


As per a research, Potatoe and corn are the most eaten foods. They are also favorites of many people (including the health-conscious crowd).

To increase sales, Junk food makers take advantage of this fact by creating processed and unhealthy (but delicious) forms of the foods and attract as many people as they can.

3) Appetite

Wouldn't you feel awesome on the day you ate well-balanced meals? I certainly feel contented. Not consuming greasy and Junk food means I have taken good care of my body. I am not guilt-stricken. My mind is relaxed, so my day goes well. I sleep peacefully too. I am sure you consent with me. You feel the same when your lifestyle and eating habits are healthy.

When you eat junk snacks once or twice, you develop a liking for them. Regular consumption makes you like and crave processed food even more. And when you have an acquired taste for junk food, your tongue becomes addicted to it.

As you learned above, such sustenance doesn't have a satiation level, your hunger for eating grows intensely. As a result, your appetite for healthy foods like fruits, vegetables, and dairy products decreases. Junk means 'healthy' to you. Therefore, you choose junk and unhealthy options.


4) Confusing Nutritional Information

Packages of all foodstuff state their nutritional value.
Essential nutrients like proteins, Fibre, vitamins, etc. are mentioned in a deceptive but smart manner. Their claims have somewhat truth in them. That gives a message that they contribute to good health.

Junk food has healthy nutrients too. No one can deny that. At times I get confused with the nutritional table. The presence of essential nutrients (even though in low quantity) misleads and confuses the consumers. Thinking they are beneficial you and I end up eating them.

You can help yourself a little with the tip I mention below.

Follow the Five Ingredients Rule

If an item reads it has more than five ingredients, consider them not healthy.

Lesser the composition of elements better the item.

Two Ways of Deception

  • Firstly, Nutrition necessary to stay fit is present in junk as well as healthy food. However, the ill-effects are alarmingly high in the junk meals.
  • Secondly, consumption of junk food doesn't pose any immediate threats.

These two factors largely misguide people and trick them to buy and like packet goods.

Temptation: 'I will Workout Later' thought

I am embarrassed to admit I do this too. Many a time I eat junk food thinking, 'I will eat now and burn the calories later through an intense workout.'

Next day, however, I may or may not be that determined I had thought I would be.
There can be many reasons:

  • I had a busy day
  • My schedule was tight
  • I did workout but very little. (And most deceiving of all)
  • The feeling, oh, I did exercise, so that's okay. (an Inadequate workout though)

Many people have admitted doing the same. They say they choose fast, frozen, canned, and fattening meals believing they will burn the excess calories later. That hardly happens though; they don't burn enough calories.


Liking Forced

The manufacturers of ready-to-eat items set us up to buy and like unhealthy commodities through following ways

1) Inexpensive:
Call it a situational need or trick. Packed products are economical. As they are cheap, you ingest them regularly and develop a liking that repeats the cycle of consumption.

2) Flooded everywhere:
You find packaged items everywhere, even if you want to ignore, their huge presence won't let you.

3) No preparation needed:
When you want to have junk eatables, you don't need to prepare at home. It's entirely ready-made. That saves time and efforts.

4) Handy:
The massive presence of ready-to-eat commodities in your surrounding makes it purchasable from anywhere. You can buy them easily, therefore you consume the food frequently too.

You can call this a classic deception in the name of convenience.

So these are some reasons that sabotage healthy sustenance and overvalue the junk ones.

© 2017 Imran Khan


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    • pen promulgates profile imageAUTHOR

      Imran Khan 

      16 months ago from Mumbai, India

      Hey Sudipa, it makes me happy that you liked the article.

      When I go through the ingredients and find many, I simply keep the packet back on the shelf :) It saves money too.. He he.

    • hiya-writer profile image


      16 months ago from India

      Junk food actually creates an addiction and once you are addicted, it is really difficult to resist the temptation. Personally, I too love junk food but try to have in moderation. I am really scared about liver problems.

      Nicely written article. I wasn't aware of the five rule ingredient list.


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