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Why You Go Fat

Updated on November 16, 2013
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Well, one common problem that hounds as today is the fact that many people are getting fat. Yes, obesity or being overweight has risen in the last few years. The sad thing about it is that obesity can lead to heart disease.

We all know that heart disease which leads to heart attack is the number one killer disease right now. It is really important to control our weight so as to lessen the risk of acquiring a heart disease and eventually suffering from a heart attack.

Risk Factors For Heart Disease

Before going into the reasons to becoming fat... take note of the following risk factors for heart disease. Under the controllable category you will notice that being overweight is one of them:

  • hypertension
  • high cholesterol
  • lack of physical activity
  • smoking
  • excessive coffee intake
  • diabetes

As you may have notice, the first few risk factors are somewhat related to obesity. If you take in to much food high in cholesterol you will surely go fat. Along with lack of physical activity, fats will be stored in our body and eventually led to hypertension, heart disease and worst case scenario a heart attack.

So How Do You Go Fat

Most people think that eating more is the reason why people get fat. Well, this is of course true. But there is more to that than eating more. The bottom line is people think that:


but the truth is


I know that you might consider this explanation absurd. But if you kindly look at the video on the side you will surely understand what I mean.

A Matter Of Control

Now that you know the reason, I believe its time to do something. All it takes is self control. The time you learn how to control is the time you will succeed. Many people fail in this aspect and this is the reason why they continue to get fat. Though easier said than done but that is what you should do.


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    • Hammerj profile image

      Hammerj 8 years ago from Cebu City

      Wow Interesting hubs...People are getting fat because they eat too much and lack of exercise...people becomes fat are prone to illness if i'm not mistaken...

      Up for this hubs..very nice....

    • profile image

      Martin Letterson 8 years ago

      Very interesting. Great info!