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Why You Need Protein Powder For Weight Loss

Updated on May 9, 2014

The latest trend in the weight loss industry is without doubt protein powder and protein bars. A question I am constantly asked is “why do I need protein powder for weight loss?” In this article I will cover the reason why, so you can not only lose your fat faster but more importantly keep it off for life.

When I first started lifting weights in 1980 all the magazines and books put a strong emphasis on protein for building muscle. So people have over the years associated protein with bodybuilders, not as a fat burning product.

My, how the times have changed and at last the weight loss industry has woken up to the massive importance of getting sufficient protein as part of your daily intake for losing inches and fat permanently.

This is why protein powder for weight loss works. Having the correct body composition is vital in losing weight because the more lean muscle tissue you have the more calories (and fat) you will burn, even when you are watching TV or asleep. Protein plays a huge role in holding onto your muscle when you are on a weight loss programme, without it you will lose muscle and end up with a slow metabolic rate (slow metabolism = slow or no weight loss).

It is very likely that the majority of dieters are lacking the daily amount they need to keep their body composition at its maximum fat burning capability. This is one of many fundamentals on why 95% of dieters regain their lost weight within 5 years. Quite a shocking statistic but still true.

How much protein do you need daily and what is the best source? This depends on a few factors like your gender, age and weight so let’s keep it as simple as we can for this article. Food is your best source and you will get the best lean protein from meat, fish, milk and egg whites.

Having said that we all do not have the time to squeeze in enough meals in the day to get our adequate protein amount. Ideally if you are eating 3 small meals and 2 snacks then you should try and have some form of protein in each of those.

The best way to do this is supplement your eating with a protein powder you mix with water (low carb one with less calories) and/or carry protein bars (low sugar ones) with you everywhere you go.

Both these are super convenient even for the workplace and shakes can even be prepared at home before you go out for the day.

Personally I love to sprinkle some of my favourite vanilla protein powder in with my porridge for breakfast. I also make a smoothie with fruits and add a couple of scoops in there for taste and nutrient value.

The internet is full of free information on how best to make tasty protein shakes and food recipes if you take the time to do some research.

Protein Powder For Weight Loss Conclusion

Protein is vital for holding onto your muscle tissue and revving up your metabolism super fast. Aim to eat lean protein from foods and supplement the rest of your daily intake from protein shakes and bars.

If you have been yo-yo dieting for years it is likely you will have lost a lot of lean muscle tissue, so up your protein intake and do some weights/strength training 3 times a week to get it back. This is a reversible situation even for women and pensioners, lifting weights for permanent fat loss is not just for the men and bodybuilders training for a contest.

Please leave a comment on your results or if you have experienced some fat loss due to any of the information covered in this article.

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    • profile image

      tajib 5 years ago from dhaka

      I just successfully completed my first.It is Great article.It is good Idea

    • Mike Pestano profile image

      Mike Pestano 6 years ago from Anaheim,CA

      Great article Barry! Whey protein powder has been a key if not major component in my weight loss and body transformation program.