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Why You Should Fall In Love with Crossfit

Updated on November 27, 2013

I’ve been into physical exercise all my life one of my earliest memory’s is kicking a football (soccer ball) around the garden with my dad, I always looked forward to sports day at my school once a year everyone would compete in different sporting activities and the winners rewarded with token certificates or mini trophies.

I often look back at my sporting achievements with pride like the time I bowled out one of my teachers at cricket or the first time I was chosen to play for the school football team, These memories are my own personal treasure of happiness and I would encourage all children to try and do some form of sport instead of playing computer games all the time.

I am now 35 my school days are long behind me but I do still enjoy sport, keeping fit and working out, however around 5 years ago I lost a lot of motivation I just couldn't see the point of doing my regular training sessions and even the sporting activities I have always enjoyed.
I took a break (advice from my wife) for 3 weeks from doing any training or sporting activity and thought about why I felt this way, during this time I discovered crossfit and started to read and watch videos of this new craze.

Example of crossfit training


At this point I realised my problem, I needed some excitement and new challenges to keep me motivated. This is reason one of why you should love crossfit it’s something that can motivate you to new levels of fitness, not many new activities really inspire me but I found crossfit to be a real fun challenge and I still do to this day.


Reason two is how life-changing crossfit can be to a wide range of people young and old, I’ve been told story’s of drug addicts turning their lives around and a over weight teenager now in the best shape of his life all thanks to crossfit.
For me personally it may not have turned my life around like the above examples but it did get me back on track and in the long term inspired me to create my fitness blog enabling me to help other people with my knowledge.


Reason three is a noticeable improvement in your social life, the community around any regular crossfit establishment from my own experience is very good if not excellent, over the past four or five years I have made a lot of new friends that I socialise with on a regular basis.

I am comparing this to going to the gym mainly, maybe it’s just the gyms I’ve attended over the years but no one even makes eye contact let alone invites you around for dinner. If you feel your social life is lacking activity or you just want to increase your Christmas card list then crossfit events and sessions are a good place to make new friends.

How not to do crossfit


Reason four is a little obscure and goes against my natural instincts but once you read what I have to say it will probably make sense, crossfit is very aptly named because to be the fittest person you need to be excellent in everything and specialise in nothing.

This is very peculiar because if we compare it to other sports the opposite is encouraged lets use football (American football) as an example, to be the best you need to specialise in one position e.g. quarterback you need to focus on learning everything you can about this position, practise throwing and leading the team with plays it's no good practising catching or kicking the ball.

I also apply this to my career, I focus at becoming good at one aspect of my job then focus my business in that area for example, one of my company's is a catering business but it doesn't offer services to everyone the focus of the business is corporate catering so I build a reputation of being the best in this sector enabling the company to charge more for it's dedicated services.

Back to my main point, crossfit is different you need to be good at a range of things you can't focus on one thing so this in it's self is very challenging and impossible to master unless you become the next world champion then you could safely say you have mastered it.


My final reason for falling in love with crossfit is the end result, yes quite simply how fit you will become compared to other fitness routines and activities.
As I said before I am now 35 and I've never felt as fit as I do right now and that's including when I used to run multiple marathons in my younger days, I really can't imagine how fit I would have been if I did crossfit when I was in my early twenties it would be insane.

My advice would be if you are young and want to become extremely fit try crossfit for a year and I will guarantee not one of your friends will be any where near your fitness levels.

That's my five reasons why you should love crossfit if you enjoyed this article check out my website and also take a look at my new crossfit shorts comparison list (it took us 6 months to compile).
If you have something to say let us know in the comments box below and please share this article and other articles on this site using facebook and G+ it would be very much appreciated.


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