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Why You Should Improve Your Immune System Health

Updated on August 18, 2013

Mind, Body, Spirit Connection

These days, it seems there are many challenges for our bodies to combat. Many people spend a lot of time worrying. Unemployment is high. Debt is high. Salaries, if you're getting one, are low. The cost of everything is going up with the gas prices. Stress levels are very high.

What does all this have to do with your immune system? Plenty. This is because of the mind-body-spirit connection. Our spirits are a major part of our daily lives, recording and embodying our every thought and emotion, from the most mundane to the visionary.

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Microscopic Brains

Our bodies record our every spiritual and emotional response and reaction in our tissues. Each system in our body has organs, which are made up of tissues, which are made up of millions of cells. Our cells each have a neuron, which is the brain of the cell.
This cellular brain records and remembers anything that affects the cell. If our immune system is working right, this cellular memory benefits us in that our cells recognize threats and takes action to defend our bodies against them.

However, when the body is overwhelmed with too many stressors, the immune system becomes overworked and impaired because these millions of cells are recording more negative impact than anything else.

The body may also be trying to send out K-cells (killer cells) to combat foreign invaders, but if the liver is sluggish from trying to eliminate toxins that have been willingly taken into the body, the cell's ability to fight off invaders will be hampered.

Defending The Body

In addition to feigning off invaders, our cells are recording every emotional response and reaction we have to the stressors or pleasures in our lives.

Couple the ongoing war mentioned above, with recorded attacks against our cells due to spiritual & emotional experiences, and you have quite an onslaught on the body.

As a massage therapist, I see evidence of these body recordings all the time. The body stores these emotional reactions as pain in the tissues. I treat people's pain which is stored in tight, knotted up muscles. These emotional reactions over time form adhesions or knots in the muscles that manifest as pain. All of these factors and stressors inhibit the immune system.

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System Breakdown

If the immune system is fighting off invaders, fighting off toxins from the environment, fighting off toxins from the chemicals in our food and drugs, and in addition to that, recording the emotional stressors into our tissues; I'd say that the system is overworked.

Signs of an overworked immune system can materialize in a variety of ways. One way is a sluggish liver. Signs of a sluggish liver are foggy brain, constant tiredness, potbelly, no energy, dark circles around the eyes and weight gain.

The weight gain happens because the body is unable to combat the excessive amount of toxins that are coming in. It can do nothing but store them, because cellular resources are insufficient and unable to deal with the onslaught of toxins.

Being that the liver is the primary organ in charge of eliminating toxins, it would be considered the head of the body's waste management system. If that fails, the body is in trouble.

Quality Foods

The kind of food you put in your body is of vital importance to the quality of your existence. Processed foods and undigested foods become toxic in the body, causing the digestive system to be overworked trying to expel them.

Additionally, this type of food (if it could be called that), adds no nutritional value to the body. The cells don't receive nourishment from it, which defeats the purpose of eating; to nourish the cells.

Cells make up the structure of your house: the body. Without the proper nourishment, the body's structure weakens, and renders it unable to ward off potential invaders. If the body cannot fight off invaders, it will break down in the form of disease.

The Colon: A Crucial Player

The colon's job is to take whatever the small intestine could not digest, and recycle the water and any missed nutrients from it, propelling the remaining indigestible remains into the rectum to be expelled.

If the ph balance in the colon is not right, IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) can result, which is the opposite of constipation.

A person with IBS will have to expel frequently, and because of the imbalance, their colon will not be able to properly reabsorb the water from the food that is passed into it. Thus someone suffering from IBS will expel mostly water with few solids. This is dangerous because it can cause dehydration, placing the body at risk.

If your diet is high in prepackaged or processed foods; a diet high in fast foods and lacking in foods that are green, leafy and fiber based foods; then the imbalance will result in constipation and an impacted colon.

This can be quite dangerous because the colon ascends up, transverses across, and descends downward. If the colon is impacted, the transverse section can drop and numerous complications can result.

Unbeknown to most people, 70% of the immune system is in the colon. If your colon is sluggish or malfunctioning, your body is in major trouble. Therefore, in order to improve your immune system, it is imperative to maintain your colon function and colon health. Proper diet is one key to maintaining the health of your colon's immune system.


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