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Why You Should Turn to Paleo Diet to Lose Weight

Updated on September 7, 2016

The Motivation Behind Paleo Diets

The Paleo diet was developed based on everyday, contemporary foods that are akin to the herb and hunter meal of the pre-historic man. Their characteristics like that of the hunter-gatherer favorite diets will result in health optimization, reduce weight and cut down the risk of chronic disease.

Paleo diet is recommended for healthier living for the same reasons that the pre-historic man lived a healthier life free from the ravages of modern day dietary inadequacies and chronic ailments. As they say,''you are what you eat".

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Reasons for Paleo Diet

Below are seven reasons why Paleo diet works so well for losing weight and staying healthy:

*High Fiber Consumption-Fiber diets prove essential for a healthy life, and contrary to widespread belief, whole grains are not the primary source. Vegetables without starch content are packed with more fiber than meals of whole grains at a rate in excess of at least eight times. On the other hand, fruits have fiber components that double the occurrence in whole grains and more than seven times the supply that refined grains provide.

*Protein Intake-Western diets' calories supply is sourced from proteins compared with about 19-35% occurrence in the diets of the hunter-gatherer. Animal products, seafood, and meat are the constituents of the Paleo diets enjoyed by modern man. It is a finding of fact that most meals are dominated by high sugar variables found in Soda, burgers and fast foods. Since this is what constitutes a greater measure of daily meals in our world today, healthy living is on the decline.

*Carbohydrate Intake -Reduced carbohydrate consumption also means a dipping in the overall glycemic index. Daily calories will be sourced from fresh fruits that are non-starchy, as well as vegetables. About 35-45% of the daily calories intake will be supplied from these sources. Their inherent low glycemic index which are slowly absorbed from slow digestion and are reputed for little or no effect on sugar levels.

Omega-3 and rated Omega-6 fat levels- The type of fat in blood levels is known to be responsible for the cholesterol levels in the blood and the risk of cancer and heart diseases. Paleo diets have a low high density of polyunsaturated of Omega-6- and high monounsaturated Omega-3 fats that are healthy and non risk inducing. These kept the pre-historic man in a healthy dietary balance. Saturated fats have no effect that can be adversarial on cardiovascular conditions.

Potassium and Sodium Levels-Fresh foods that are unprocessed have up to double -digits more occurrence of potassium when compared with sodium. The kidney, heart, and other organs need a determined supply of potassium for proper functionality. A low supply of potassium increases the risk of stroke, high blood pressure and heart diseases-just as an excessive supply of sodium will do. More people have as twice supply of sodium than potassium in their daily meals.

Alkalinity-Acidity balance- After every meal, there is a load of alkaline or net acid to the kidneys. Fish, Grains, legumes, meat and salt are known to produce acid while veggies and fruits yield alkaline. Bone and muscle loss are promoted by a lifetime of excessive intake of dietary acid increasing the risk of ill-health and disease.

Plant phytochemicals and vitamin Intake- Meats from free range animals, veggies and fruits, cannot be substituted with whole grains, as their supply of vitamin C, VitaminB12 or Vitamin A is very low. Many minerals from grains like inherent vitamins are not easily absorbed after digestion.

A Practice of healthy Nutrition

Knowing the deficiency in our existing dietary combinations, what then should we eat? The right meal combination will promote healthier living and a healthier society, The consumption of whatever comes our way is an open invitation to the ravages of ill-health and development of opportunistic ailments along the way.

Fats are easily accumulated in the human body from the consumption of everyday foods without a balancing act of the nutritional and health value. The prehistoric man had no exposure to artificial additives and derivatives that are consumed today in mineral water, grubs and all sorts of drinks. An unabridged consumption of ready-made foods is an open door to the festering of ill cells that grow unhindered and alter the proper working of the human body.

As a part of healthy living, it is important to develop routines that will aid the consumption of wholesome food and not yield to junketing on snacks and junks. A leeway to this is the determination of meal schedules at breakfast, lunch and dinner. Meals can be made and served in regularity in order to promote the rhythm of digestion and absorption The culprit for a number of people is the bit to keep hunger away as such, anything is eaten to fill the longing for food.

A development of healthy habit of drinking wholesome fruit mix instead of nicotine loaded additives helps the body to stay in a state of physiological balance and promote both alkalinity and acidic balance. Caffeine addiction comes about as a result of brazen consumption of tea varieties and its concentration in the body at above average levels also make the body susceptible to the ravages of diseases.

The promotion of healthy living is possible with the Paleo diet practice among people of all ages everywhere as the pre-historic man proved with his hunter-gatherer routine and meals. This means that there are meals that must not be consumed beyond given levels. The recipe for the Paleo diet can be taught and adhered to by anyone who is keen to put wrong dietary practice away for a set of right dietary practice.


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