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Why Your Brain Thinks Better When You Are Relaxed

Updated on August 27, 2014

Do you know that cluttered minds and stressing out at work are common reasons that lead to poor thinking? A relaxed and calm body is good for better thinking and improved productivity at work. Scientists have carried out different studies to explain the science behind this conclusion.

The first study focused on people who believe they can win headlong-race by maintaining excessively hectic pace. These people focus on what they can do to accomplish their tasks faster and the term relaxation is practically a dirty word’ to them.

The researchers found this group is likely to hit walls with average thinking that defeated their ability to accomplish mental tasks. This indicates that extreme workloads and scrambling can affect the way people think due to stress.

The ability to relax the mind or switch it off’ regularly is very crucial for the optimal thinking and general performance in the classroom or at work. Constant stress and pressure is likely to hurt your brain and reduce your thinking capacity.

The brain sends regular, ongoing signals through high levels of stress hormones such as cortisol, nor-epinephrine and epinephrine. The production of these hormones raises the background level of anxiety blocking the processing of information. Dopamine is a creativity hormone and its production is favored by a cool environment.

It is produced in large quantities when your mind is relaxed and transmitted to various parts of the brain to trigger more creative wanderings which are very crucial for great ideas and better thinking.

There are other reasons that affect the level of thinking which are associated with stress other than hormones. Most of them may appear to be general, but they really add up when looked into deeply. Below are some additional reasons why your brain thinks better when you are relaxed;

1. Many great ideas

You are likely to get good and effective ideas when your mind is relaxed. Studies have found that a relaxed mind is likely to have many ideas going through it without straining. This is because a relaxed mind is more open and it will readily accommodate the incoming flow of creative and varied ideas.

The mind tends to focus on one thing when you are tensed, making it hard for you to have ideas crisscrossing your mind. There are great chances that some of the ideas crossing your mind may turn out to be great.

2. Ability to think objectively

Objective thinking is very important, especially when making decisions in life. A recent study by scientists from the University of London concluded that people were like to make informed and better decision in the morning.

They associated this with the way most corporations meet in the morning and make a day’s schedule because the minds of the workers are relaxed. They also found that most students who don’t read the morning before exams are likely to get higher marks than their peers who read the last minutes.

These observations suggest that people are able to think objectively in the morning and it is hard for a tensed or stressed mind to spot mistakes.

3. More concentration and focus

The brain is similar to other body parts. Its efficiency is likely to be higher when relaxed and lower when stressed. You are likely to think better when relaxed since your levels of concentration are much higher.This is because a relaxed mind is not anxious and it is able to focus on a given part to spot mistakes, critique it and come up with better alternatives.

4. Capacity to make better decisions and think of solutions

Sometimes, the solutions to your struggles may be right in front of you but you may be too nervous to see them. You solve many problems when you are patient and relaxed because you can think with a clear mind. A calm and relaxed mind allows you to think out of every problem you see and make decisions with a clear perspective.

5. Ability to remember things

A relaxed mind is able to maneuver through your previous experiences or things you have learned to make a good decision. A stressed and tensed mind is different because it works as if it is under pressure. This makes it hard to maneuver the content of your long term memory and can lead to substandard or poor thinking.

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