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Why and How to Detox Your Body

Updated on September 28, 2015

Give Your Body A Needed Oil Change.

In a nutshell, detoxes are designed to deliver maximum results and explode you out of the gate. You see, most of us are living at an inflated weight, a weight that is made up of at least five to ten pounds of additional bloat (water retention). Think back to a time when you ate better, drank more water, and engaged in some exercise . . . most likely you dropped a few pounds really quickly. That quick weight loss is part of the excess bloat your body holds from living a busy and hectic life. Lack of sleep, daily stress, processed foods, and not drinking enough water are all contributors to holding that extra bloat.

Detoxes and cleanses are so popular because of the inflated weight most of us have. The challenge with most detoxes and cleanses is that they’re designed as a diet and short-term fix to a long-term problem. Losing your inflated weight isn’t your challenge; I’m assuming you’ve lost that first ten pounds many times in your dieting history. Most have. The real challenge is how to detox and cleanse effectively while evolving into a plan you can actually make a way of life. Without that evolution, all the weight you lose will just come back a month or two after the detox.

Detoxing is truly all about cleaning out your system. Imagine getting an oil change for your car but only adding new oil and still using your old, dirty, and used-up oil filter. As fresh and high quality as that new oil is, it still will be processed through that old filter. This means your car’s engine is still getting a lot of grime and grit from the old filter and losing the benefit of the new oil so it won’t run as well as it could be running. This concept parallels perfectly with your body. Eating cleaner without detoxing is just like getting an oil change without changing your filter. It only solves part of the problem, so to maximize the cleaner foods you’re eating, you also need to clean up your body’s filters by removing all the gunk, which will get your metabolism running like a well-oiled machine!

As you detox, you’ll also be losing excess bloat. Bloating slows down the speed of your metabolism, inflates your weight, and makes your clothes feel a size too small. The average weight loss during the Detox phase (week 1) is 7-10 lbs and it based on 3 simple steps – Cut, Clean, Flush.

You just cut the foods that bloat you, add clean foods and supplements to cleanse, and flush the toxins with good old H2O (water).

Ignite your metabolism to set you up to burn your body fat. Burn, Sculpt and Ignite your metabolism to get you to your health goal. Learn and truly understand how to activate your engine and how it needs to be fueled. It's a blue print for permanent results.

Learn more about the 8 week transformation challenge.

Water is the most under utilized supplement available!

Did you know that women should be consuming 2-3 Litres of water per day? & Men should comsume 4-6 Litres per day?

How much water do YOU consume daily?

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