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Why are Vegans so Obnoxious?

Updated on December 21, 2013

The Quick Answer

The quick answer for why some Vegans are so obnoxious is simple: passion.

They're passionate about Veganism and therefore try to "enlighten" everyone they know. Yes, it almost seems as if they're preaching a religion - they have that same stubborn attitude and it seems like they won't give up until you accept what they're saying.

The flip side is: why are so few people Vegans, if being Vegan is such a great thing?

Read on to find out what obnoxious Vegans are really trying to say - I promise it won't be obnoxious!

The Three Reasons

There are three reasons that people choose to be Vegan.

  1. Personal Health
  2. Health of the Earth
  3. Animal Welfare

Eating Meat

Personal Health

The top reason that people choose to be Vegan or vegetarian is for the sake of their own personal health. Obviously, it's a selfish reason... but we're all selfish, aren't we?

That means, however, that if one of your friends/family is trying to convince you to eat less meat for this reason; they truly care about you. Obnoxious as they may seem... it's because they care. Kinda like how your parents or husband/wife nag you!

The main argument that Vegans or vegetarians have for not eating meat are the ill-effects that meat can have on your health. Of course, this hypothesis is up for debate, as most people (scientists included) believe that meat is an essential part of the human diet; there are essential proteins and amino acids only found in meat.

This article is not about whether or not meat is an essential part of the human diet - it's about why Vegans choose not to eat meat. Vegans see that most of the meat consumed by most of society nowadays is contaminated far beyond, say, a farmer raising his own livestock on his own farm.

Factory farms have created situations in which unhealthy, sick animals are raised for meat. These animals are also sometimes injected with growth hormones, or antibiotics to stave away sickness until they can be butchered and sold. Not only are the animals themselves potentially unhealthy, but a lot of environmental and chemical toxins are absorbed into their bodies... and when we humans eat their meat, the toxins are then passed into our bodies. Such toxins may not affect your health today or tomorrow, but will certainly affect you in the long run.

If factory farming was healthy for animals, you wouldn't see outbreaks of epidemics like bird flu, avian flu, swine flu, mad cow disease, etc.

Factory Farms Pollute

Health of the Earth

The next reason why Vegans are so obnoxious is because they're preaching for the sake of the Earth. Kind of like how Green Peace does crazy illegal things to get their point across.

Going back to the topic of factory farming and the outbreaks of bird/avian flu, swine flu, and mad cow disease... these diseases are the direct result of factory farming practices. But, what are factory farms and why do they exist?

Factory farms are exactly what they sound like: factories that farm animals. They're first and foremost a factory and only a farm because of what they produce. Factories are obsessed with the fastest, cheapest production of commodities and the factory farm is no different. They'll cram as many chickens, pigs, cows into as small a space as possible. Cramming boxes into a warehouse is fine, but live animals breathe, eat, defecate and get diseases. And since factories are most concerned with profit... making sure that these animals live in sanitary conditions is the last of their worries.

This situation of thousands of animals crammed into one area that serves simultaneously as their living room, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom is downright medieval. These unsanitary conditions means that not only do the animals themselves get sick, but that the environment around the factory farms gets heavily polluted - not only with animal waste and blood, but also by chemicals used in the processing of livestock.

Moreover, this pollution may not stay contained in the area around the factory farm. In some cases, the animal waste gets into rivers and streams and contaminates drinking water meant for humans. Several people died and thousands fell ill in Walkerton, Canada when their water supply was contaminated by a factory farm in 2000.

Fur Ripped Off Rabbits

Animal Welfare

It might be hard to imagine that an animal's life is as valuable as a human's life... but it was also hard to imagine that a slave's life was as valuable as a free man's life 100 years ago.

This is often a message that obnoxious Vegans are trying to get their friends/family to see. If you have a pet, such as a dog or a cat, it's probably pretty easy for you to imagine. You would never eat a dog or a cat because they're like family... but, why a pig or a cow? Some people in other parts of the world keep pigs and cows as pets! At the same time, some people in other parts of the world eat dogs, rabbits and horses.

Again, we're not going to argue here whether or not it's right to eat animals... and we're also not going to argue which types of animals are okay to eat and which are not. Let's just simply say that animals have feelings, too. Vegan or not, I'm sure people can accept that animals have feelings.

Thus, Vegans do not want to eat meat or use animal products because of the way that many animals are treated at factory farms. They're crammed into small cages in unsanitary conditions. They're force-fed and injected with all sorts of growth hormones. They are tortured and brutalized at every step of the process. And in the end, they probably die a slow and painful death.

Of course, we humans who are not involved in these industries never see the cold, hard facts of factory farming and animal product production... so it's easy to ignore.

How do you feel?

After reading the opinions that obnoxious Vegans try to present, how do you feel?

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I'm glad you've made it this far and I hope that my article wasn't obnoxious! It's always good to take in new points of view; and it's even better to find out the truth that is out there (whatever it may be).

As for myself, I'm a Wannabe Vegan... which means that I want to be Vegan, but I haven't exactly succeeded. I still eat meat quite often and I may unconsciously buy stuff that contains animal products. However, I am trying...

Thus, I would never tell anyone to quit eating meat, but I do encourage people to consume less of it (for any of the reasons outlined above). And I certainly encourage people not to buy things containing animal products; I certainly love the feeling of a down comforter or pillow, but I'm willing to give it up for the sake of one poor duck!

Roast Duck


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