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Updated on May 9, 2019
Hassane Abida profile image

Hi. My name is Hassan Abida, I'm a freelancer I do translation and transcription. I just started writing about health issues.

What argan oil can do for your health and aging issues?

A lot of people have no clue how argan oil will bring them a new look, and make them feel younger forever. I know for sure that many of us have tried a lot of products to cure the skin, hair, nail and other related issues but it didn't help. Now I am bringing you good news "argan oil". This magical oil can do a good job and respond to your cosmetic needs. Take my word, this oil is ideal for treating dyed, dry, fragile, and heat harmed hair. It additionally soothes dryness and irritation on your scalp, heals wrinkled skin, and cures nails. This is such an overall decent oil to use for your skin treatments as well as your culinary needs.

Make sure argan oil is pure.

Look Younger, Healthy, and Beautiful Using Argan Oil?

More cosmetic benefits about Argan.

Argan oil is valuable. It can be beneficial for decreasing skin inflammation, with its inclusion of omega 6 and omega 9 it helps stop the skin irritation as well. It additionally includes nutrient E and F, so as to make the skin delicate, firm and to keep it shinier for quite a while. Considering every one of these true facts, we can notice without a doubt that argan oil is very valuable, it has positive antibacterial effects. It shields our skin from maturing, giving it that beautiful softness, with the help of argan which originates from nature. It creates the sebum for both the scalp and the skin, moisturizing hair and skin from dryness in order to achieve better satisfaction. It is a highly recommended product for pregnant women, especially before and after giving birth to use argan oil to get rid of the dark circles under their eyes and any new wrinkles that they may notice around their faces.

Things You Should Put in Mind Before You Make Your Purchase.

How can you find out if Argan oil is completely 100%natural?

You should always consider the smell once you try your first drop on your skin. There should be that aroma and nutty odor that comes to the skin and last for two minutes and then it gets absorbed quickly into it. Pay attention to color and texture. Make sure that the argan oil bottle includes all the necessary ingredients that must be listed on the label. Please, verify that the oil responds to the quality standard of eco-certifications.

How can you differentiate between a cosmetic and culinary Argan oil?

Culinary argan oil means that it is an edible oil because its nuts are roasted on fire by the manufacturer before they grind it and send it for the consumption. It has

a different smell, and it comes with a nutty flavor.

Cosmetic argan oil means that the nuts are usually pressed by the manufacture's machine, and it delivers a light smell.

Argan Oil and the Massage Therapy.

You can do it yourself, massage your body with Argan oil.

As we all know, massage therapy is on the increasing popularity to reduce tension and stress. However, doing it yourself without using those spa services seem to be very uneasy. Please don't be lazy! I am sure that you can do it by yourself, it will take you a moment to encourage yourself to really do it and the outcome will be amazing with tremendous relaxation to your body and mind. There is no need to visit those spas that may charge you a lot of money.

What does argan oil do to your skin after taking a hot bath?

Well, when you start massaging your you skin, you'll notice that the oil penetrates deeply into your skin without leaving any residues or greasy spots in it. your skin will become softer afterward. This magical oil gets inside to soothe your muscles and joints to give better feeling satisfaction about your skin's vitality and moisturization. It is so effective. You'll never regret its use once you try it.

Stuff You Should Know Before Shampooing and Conditioning Your Hair.

In order to maintain a beautiful shiny hair and get rid of the damage caused by the sun and dust, as well as preventing dandruff from spreading all over your scalp, then, my best advice for you is to try argan shampoo and conditioner, because it has all the necessary vitamins needed to regrow and repair your hair damage and bring that natural look full of softness again

How to apply the shampoo and conditioner to your hair?

Wash your hair with warm water. Try to put some drops of argan into your wet hair. Rinse your hair using your fingers all over. Massage the scalp very gently. After finishing these steps, repeat the same procedure again and wait till it dries. Then you will see an amazing surprise.

Is Argan Oil a Good Treamement for Your Lips?

Argan oil can be an effective lip gloss for you.

For those who suffer from chapped lips and have irritating lips caused mostly by the heat of the sun, or the lack of the blood flow that they may suffer from, as well as the cold and the freezing weather that makes their lips get very dry, and then lose their softness. I suggest Argan lipstick for them, it is the best answer to their concern. Having beautiful lips in a good balance, and keeping that attractiveness, you need Vitamin E ingredient that argan lipstick has in order to sooth that lip dryness. It doesn't have any petroleum ingredients similar to those other brands that most women apply in their lips during their daily uses. The antioxidants that argan oil has can keep the lip tissues healthy and natural. A piece of good advice for you is to apply it daily to achieve better results and always maintain healthy lips.

How to Keep Beautiful Nails and Hands Using Argan Oil?

What do you need to do in order to keep beautiful hands and nails?

The damaged skin of the hands, the brittle nails are a major concern for a lot of us. Our appearances play a major part in our daily routine, being attractive is a must. Most women and men spend so much money to have their nails manicured, and their hands massaged to get their youthfulness back again. Some of us get confused about what to choose as a good and effective product to maintain youthful hands and nails. So, here comes my good surprising news for you... Argan oil!

Take a few minutes of your time to apply small drops every once in a while, and massage your hands, rub the oil in between your fingers, it is a risk-free product, do it, again and again, every week. You can use it to massage your face as well as your legs. Argan oil can be used as a cream also. You may ask for it in the nearby beauty salons. Argan can be a cuticle oil that moisturizes your hand's skin with Vitamin E and antioxidants. It gets absorbed into the skin to bring you the shine you need, and repair whatever damage that you may have for both nails and hands.

Is It Safe To Cook With Argan Oil?

Argan oil can be a good alternative for the major cooking oil:

Where to buy argan oil for cooking? First of all, make sure that you are able to distinguish between the culinary and the cosmetic oil. It makes a big difference. This edible oil has a golden brown color. It is a better choice for salad dressing instead of olive oil. It has that healthy nutty flavor that you can't miss and much more, it is highly recommended for people dealing with cholesterol issues. You can buy it at the major supermarkets, or food stores

Things that you should pay closer attention before buying this exquisite product.

Take a closer look at the oil's color, it has to be golden, verify if it's 100% pure cooking oil. Organic oil must be certified under international standards.

You can use it for your salads, desserts, ice cream, pasta..etc. You'll enjoy the most delicious flavor that you never tasted before.

Why Argan Shampoo,Moisturizer and Conditioner can help reduce hair loss as well as prevent the dryness of the scalp?

Can argan oil be a good treatment for hair growth and dry scalp?

Sure it can. These argan products contain Vitamin E and antioxidants that are necessary for hair cells repair, growth, and reproduction of new healthy hair. You'll be surprised how amazing argan makes you feel if you know to use its shampoo, conditioner, moisturizer as well.

Wash your hair with warm water, use the shampoo to rinse it multiple times in order to get the shine and the softness your hair needs, also to get rid of dandruff that comes from the dust and the heat of the sun or any flakes that you may have.These products are non-irritating, and you have nothing to worry about , they are 100% natural. The conditioner is a thumbs up to use after finishing from the shampoo use. Just dry your wet hair, and then spray it with the conditioner. Wait for a few minutes to see how surprised you will be, and how silky your hair will look afterward. It is a major solution for you to get your beautiful hair back again, and you'll never regret using it. I am sure that you'll be satisfied, and recommend it to anyone who you love.

Argan Oil Can be The perfect Tanning Solution for your Skin.

Why argan oil is extremely important to use for self-tanning?

You've got to give it a try if you are still not convinced. If you decide to get argan lotion product, make sure that you are going to apply it to the affected skin spots in your body, or you can use the argan lotion to put it on your skin dry areas, or if you have blemishes, cracking feet, dry spots, damaged nails, wrinkles around your eyes and dried lips, and then wait to see that your skin will dry so fast, and you will notice the beautiful natural texture comes back again that will make you feel happy. If you complain about skin irritations or certain nut oil allergies, please do check the product before making your purchase.

What Does Argan Oil Do For Pregnant Women, And When They Are Breast-Feeding?

Is argan oil a safe product to use for pregnant women, and also for their breastfeeding Moms?

A lot of women get confused about which product to use especially when they are pregnant, they worry about having stretch marks, hair fall, the elasticity of the skin, or having strange marks on their faces. They don't know what skin product to use while undergoing hormonal changes. This is where argan oil can be the best answer to their question. However, before any mom considers the use of the argan product, she must talk to your doctor first.

Argan oil can be the best answer for moms who are confused about what to use as a product during their pregnancies. Most doctors recommend it because they have tremendous trust for the use of this magical oil. Moms can use it for their breastfeeding, it is safe for the baby, it helps to relieve any pain, calm, and make moms feel more relaxed.

Moms can use it as a massage before and after their pregnancies to get rid of the disturbing marks and color discoloration that they may have all over their bodies. It is so effective for the skin elasticity and restoration because this golden oil contains Vitamin E, antioxidants and fatty acids ingredients help fight those harmful skin marks in order to get the youthfulness that you are always looking for.

Can Argan oil Help reduce the sugar level for Diabetics?

To help maintain the sugar level for people who are using insulin, the culinary argan oil can be a good choice for them to include for their daily recipes

Many scientific studies have shown that there is a large population of people that are affected by diabetes, they don't have a normal life anymore, they are always sick and tired because they don't have enough insulin in their bloodstream that can balance the blood level that their body actually needs or their pancreas doesn't produce enough insulin the normal way. So, in order to reach that glucose balance, patients should try cooking by using the culinary argan oil, it is very effective in fact, it helps restore the lack of insulin that is needed in the blood and fix the cells in the liver. Any patient who is infected should include the culinary argan oil in both hot and cold daily meals, desserts, salads, and soups...etc, it acts as an aid for the digestive system that decreases the glucose level, and maintain the required blood balance.

Can You Use Argan Oil On Ezcema?

A lot of people ask many questions about what treatment to use for eczema.

For those of us who notice that they have eczema symptoms, and they complain about their itchy skin or having red rashes that always bother them that sometimes come from if they are allergic to certain environmental factors, Sometimes the contamination can get worst, and it may affect their children as well So, what is the answer for us to deal with these irritation issues? I think that many among us have tried different products and were not satisfied, and some others would like to try a new treatment that reduces irritation and get rid of eczema skin disease. My good news to a lot of you is to try argan oil.

In general, I can say that argan can be one of the most effective products that you can find in the markets nowadays, it can answer your curiosity by just giving it a shot and find out the best results later on. The argan oil has turned out to be helpful for the treatment of eczema. it includes Vitamin E content, basic unsaturated fats in addition to linoleic corrosive, as well as oleic corrosive, omega-3 and omega-6, and some other ingredients such as sterols and polyphenols that are necessary for restoring the different indications of skin inflammation.

How to apply argan oil to your skin? My answer for you is that you have to apply one to three drops a day on the affected areas of your body. You can do It after taking a hot shower, or before bedtime. Make sure argan is 100% pure, read the product's label, or consult a dermatologist.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2019 Hassane Abida


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