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Why become a Doctor today?

Updated on January 6, 2012

What is a Healer: She or He?


Are Doctors born healers or made healers?

Some people believe "that doctors are born, not made." And others believe that anybody can become a doctor, given education and hard work.

My experience has taught me, as a global educator that have looked at education and learning across many cultures of the world, that the truth is a little more complicated that the above absolute statements. This is something in the genes of a healer that drove her or him to want to be a healer. In this sense, "healers are born and not made." One cannot take a person who does not aspire to be a healer and make a healer out of him or her. Likewise, if one is not inclined to work hard and study hard and to express the kind of scholarship that it takes to become a healer, then one will never become a "world class" healer. My definition of a "world class" healer is a person who is effective and absolute as a healer. One does not, by the way, necessarily have to have a doctor's degree or credentials (that is, the Doctor of Medicine degree) to be an effective, or world class healer. I have seen physicians assistants, nurse practitioners, U.S.Navy Independent Duty Corpsmen, Chiropractic physicians, Naturopathic physicians, Homeopathic physicians, Herbalists, and I almost forgot, Osteopathic physicians, who where excellent, and most gifted healers.

It is a difficult job, that I have taken seriously in the pass, as I advised young women and men who wanted to become doctors or healers. There are many, many ways of going about finding and taking one's position in the world as a member of a healing movement. And this is exactly what "healing" is all about, it is a movement in the global community where one has to find one's "place," rightful place, if you will, within the system in order to do a good job for human kind, while at the same time, finding ones happiness and peace in this Life.

It is going to be necessary for me to write more on this subject, in another hub, in order to do justice to the subject matter. I have lived a long life, and I have practiced medicine globally, and have taught medicine, globally, and I have helped to prevent many people (and animals, but the way), from coming to grief because of illnesses and injuries.

Please direct your questions to me, if you have them, concerning healing, medical practice, nursing, or alternative health care systems, and I will do my best to answer them.

"As you go, Peace be with you."


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