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Why can't I stop farting?!

Updated on July 27, 2012

As people get older, their bodies start to age. The intestines begin to relax and the body begins to process food inadequately. Sometimes bacteria over-flourish and sometimes they aren't flourished enough. Toxins build up. Fevers happen. Calcium runs low. People feel cold. These early signs of aging can begin as early as 18 and even younger. Adults will experience the same thing, but not everybody (both young and old) will understand the changes that their bodies are going through. Some adults will find that they have to stop drinking whole milk and switch to one with less fat. Some might eat more fiber to help their digestive track run more smoothly. Some women may have mood swings due to vitamin and mineral loss. Men can have mood swings for the same reasons. But what everybody does not know is that calories are good for their bodies! Instead of eating a constant variety of foods, they will eat lots of food one day and starve to death another day. The body isn't as young a it once was. It needs a constant supply of energy to run sufficiently. Fiber alone won't help people stop using the restroom for number two because fiber helps with constipation and slows the digestion of sugar, but it will not slow down the need to use the restroom. However, eating a daily, descent amount of calories can help make number two become less frequent. Try eating at least 600-800 calories a day for the next 1-2 weeks and see what changes it will bring or try eating more regularly using the recommended calories for your age, weight, and activity. (Teenagers may not know that they need to increase their calories as they reach closer to 18.) You might find yourself going to do number two once a day or every two days or maybe not even once for three or four days. With age everybody uses the toilet more to do number two, but some people will use it more than 5 times daily because their bodies don't have the calories to run sufficiently. Although people can fart constantly because they're not getting enough calories, they can also fart more because they left their food out for too long or have eaten too much saturated fat. Women especially may need to eat more iron to help blood cells carry and dispose of oxygen more efficiently. Calories, however, are typically not understood to help stop the farts from happening although this is a normal process of aging.

Calories are good for you but not if they don't make you feel full, and you may not feel full because of low blood sugar levels or because of an unhealthy diet. This may force you to eat too much and then count your calories. However, if you want to lose weight, try to make your stomach feel as full as possible with fruits and veggies or even vitamin supplements, but at least eat the minimum before exercising. Cut down on foods high in bad fat and replace them with good fats (real butter, coconut oil, olive oil, whole eggs, raw nuts, and avocados). Look for the part of the label that says calories of fat and decide for yourself if you have been gaining weight because you have been eating too many burgers, sausages, pizza, and etc. Remember, these foods don't make people feel as full for as long and are called empty calories. Good carbohydrates that will help you LOSE weight AND feel FULLER include sprouted grain bread, sweet potatoes, millet, spelt, quinoa, fruits, and veggies, Surprisingly enough whole wheat breads and pastas will prevent you from losing weight as well as artificial sweeteners, high fructose syrup (found in some yogurts), hydrogenated oils, margarine, Canola oil, processed soy products, and processed foods, The chemicals in processed foods overload the liver and prevent it from breaking down fat. However, good fats will actually break down bad fats, so eat right If you don't want to over-sweat it at the gym and get plenty of iron in your diet because it takes sweat to burn calories, In fact, a person needs to burn up 3500 more calories than she or he consumes to lose one pound..One hour 3-5 days a week to lose weight and half an hour of moderate exercise for 5 days a week to stay in shape or twenty minutes of vigorous exercise for 3 days a week to stay in shape. Make sure to eat afterwards to burn off what you eat.

Don't let the media fool you! Calories are good for you! Eating too many calories is what will cause your death. However, eating the right amount the right way can make your world normal again. They can help stop farting and increase brain capacity! Not enough could put your brain in danger for starvation and a starved brain will turn you crazy. In fact, neurons use sugar (a form of energy also measured in calories) in order to stay fueled. The brain is 90% fat, so it needs healthy fats like fish oils to remain sharp. Eating omega fatty acids help prevent women from getting postpartum depression. (Women who do not get enough fatty acids in their diet give the oils in their brain to their fetus.) If you find yourself needing to use the restroom ten times a day, then you simply don't need to eat as much; you haven't been eating enough; or you're eating something that your body doesn't need. For example, your body doesn't need saturated fat so if you eat too much of it then not only will it go to waste but you will probably fart more. (I'm talking about LOADS of saturated fat.) You're body is aging and can't dispose of unnecessary products as sufficiently. It is time to make transitions into another age group and find out what your body can handle for your new age range. No need to worry. Eating a sufficient amount of calories transcends every age group, especially when it comes to ending farts.

How Does Exercising Work?

In order to contract muscles, the body uses aerobic (oxygenated) and anaerobic (non-oxygenated) energy pathways. Although running is an aerobic form of exercise, breathing can become too heavy and insufficient, and anaerobic pathways are used in the process. Once anaerobic pathways become inadequate, muscles begin to use glycogen for fuel, and once glycogen runs out, the body must use fat molecules as an energy source. Vigorous exercising can be segmented into different parts of the day. Drinks, such as Powerade and Gatorade, are suggested for people who work out for an hour or more a day. These drinks help replenish electrolytes lost by sweating. Pregnant women can do a 20 to 30 minute walk, 3-4 days per week but vigorous exercise is not suggested.

Although there is no standard recommendation for Omega 3, one and two grams are desirable and no more than three. Eating oily fish at least twice a week will achieve the one gram per day average if say mackerel is eaten twice with albacore tuna and trout. Olive oil is not healthier if used in addition to other fats but is if used as a health substitute. Taking a few teaspoons of olive oil after consuming a burger will not help arterioles to relax. Applesauce can be used to replace oil in breads and is a healthier substitute than olive oil.

Per 3.5-oz Serving (raw)
Omega-3s (grams)
albacore tuna
herring, Atlantic
salmon, wild king (Chinook)
salmon, wild sockeye (red)
tuna, bluefin
salmon, wild pink
salmon, wild Coho (silver)
oysters, Pacific
salmon, farm-raised Atlantic
trout, rainbow

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    • profile image

      Mr Windy 4 years ago

      The article isn't even about farting!

    • Don Bobbitt profile image

      Don Bobbitt 6 years ago from Ruskin Florida

      Beans, Beans, Delicious Fruit!

      The more you eat,

      The more you Poot!

      the more you Poot, the Better you Feel!

      So, YOU must eat Beans for every meal?