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Why Choose India for Yoga Trips?

Updated on August 23, 2017

India’s Yoga and Meditation centers have always been a hotspot for imbibing the wisdom of ancient cultural practices of Yoga, meditation, and Ayurveda. You can visit such centers to escape from the busy urban lifestyle but do not be surprised if you discover a completely different person in yourself.

India is where Yoga is originated From

Yoga is seen to be practiced with the very beginning of civilization. Long before the birth of first religions or any belief systems, the science of Yoga had evolved. Yoga had his first footprints from the mythology itself, Lord Shiva – the first Yogi or Adiyogi was the first Guru or Adi Guru. Thousands of years ago, on the banks of the lake Kantisarovar in the Himalayas, Lord Shiva - The Adiyogi gushed his intense knowledge into the ascetic “Saptharishis” or “the seven sages”. The Saptharishis, later on, carried this vivid Yogic Science to different parts of the world.

Even today, the modern science believes in the perks of the ancient Yoga techniques. India is the country of the immortal culture outcome. Agastya was the Saptharishi who traveled across the Indian subcontinents and crafted this yogic way of life. Patanjali invented Yoga and it’s flourishing in India from pre-Vedic period (2700 B.C.).

The main sources of information about Yoga practices and the related literature during this period are available in Vedas, Upanishads, Smritis, and also in the Teachings of Buddhism, Jainism, Panini, Epics, Puranas and much more. Many yogis, mystics, and ascetics had defined the origin of yoga from India in their own way.

One of those is: ‘Yoga is a gift from India to the world

- Sadguru.

Few of the most famous retreat centers in India -

Osho International Meditation Center (Koregaon Park, Pune)

This center is a fusion of the traditional ashram experience and luxurious getaway. It offers intense meditation classes in the quiet corner of the world which seems no less than a paradise. This Meditation Center encompasses all the modern technique that are used globally to deliver an unmatched experience. From the healing arts of East and West to Meditative Therapies, the Osho International also incorporates all the other modern forms like Martial Arts, Tantra, Zen, Sufism, and Esoteric Sciences.

Ayurveda Yoga Meditation Center (Coonoor, Tamil Nadu)

Experience the traditional process of healing by Ayurveda in the mountain ranges of Nilgiri. The center is located in the midst of fine green forest surrounded by tea plantation. People who wish to go this center can spend their days by performing yoga, meditation, organic farming or any other kind of communal services.

Shreyas Yoga Retreat (Bangalore, Karnataka)

Bangalore is one of the world’s most upmarket yoga retreats so is the Shreyas Yoga Retreat Center. It offers a variety of classes along with the reinvigorating spas, also various meditation sessions in the midst of stunning ambiance. You also get a chance to indulge yourself in the pure organic food.

Kalari Kovilakom (Palakkad, Kerala)

The last on the list is the beautiful yoga and meditation center in Kerala. Here you can relax in the surrounding that is too far away from your daily hustle and bustle of life. Say Goodbye to the chaotic life and welcome serenity in the most enthralling way. It is a palace for Ayurveda where one gets exclusive treatment in the most beautiful ways. Most of the treatments are inspired from ancient Indian Science technique and when combined with Yoga rewards a deep and lasting change that rejuvenates one from within.

Cultural and spiritual sights of India

The cultural and spiritual sights of India adds up to the encouragement and motivation of more people around the world to come here and learn the skills of Yoga. Many people come in India learn and practice in their daily life and feel the firmament experience thus living a better life. Gurus and proficient people are here, so learning will be in the right way: The immortal Yogis and Gurus are from India itself. So, learning from the heart of the mother country of Yoga is the best training one could get.

Yoga Tour Packages in India

India is the best place for yoga tour to rejuvenate your senses and that too at very reasonable cost. There is no need to empty your pockets or drill your savings to get the best experiences, you can gift yourself blissful experience in just a few dollars.



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