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Why consistent activity is the key to weight loss

Updated on July 12, 2016
Anthony Metiz profile image

Anthony is an IT Systems Specialist for a government agency. He is also a fitness enthusiast, sci-fi nerd, and hobby collector.

Everyone has things they are good at.

Doing what you love for an hour a day is not only a good key to happiness but possibly fitness as well! If the activity is even lightly physical you can burn some serious calories the longer you perform this activity.

Whether it is painting, singing, dancing, or a particular sport. All of these things burn calories. Even reading can burn more calories than just sitting. My grandmother is a very thin woman and always has been. She also has a bookshelf of about 300 books! I do not find that to be a coincidence. Everyone who has ever had to cram during a study session knows how exhausting it is and you can get that same effect reading a book for an hour or two.

Everything we love to do can help us in other aspects of our lives. We just have to perform the activity long enough to stress our body a bit.

Now some might say that they don't have an hour or two per day to do anything extra. Well, I used to think the same thing.

My answer was simple. Wake up earlier. I now wake up 2 hours before I have to report for work and do things I like to do and plan my day. I feel much more productive and alert when the workday starts because I have already had some fun for the day. Makes the workday more bearable and enjoyable.

So that is my suggestion to anyone who is struggling with free time and being active. Wake up earlier, get things done sooner so you can have fun later or have fun before the day even starts.

Give it a shot! Who needs sleep anyways?! :)

A great read to help those who don't have enough time and really want to start bio-hacking for a more enjoyable life!


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