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Why do bad things happen

Updated on November 15, 2015

Have you ever wondered why bad things keep happening to you? Has anyone came up to you and gave you the answer? No but you keep wondering why bad things happen and you never wished any bad on anyone and never hurt anyone. While there’s people out there that keep cheating people and doing people wrong and it seems like they have the greatest luck in the world. Why is that?

No one really can answer that question. That’s one of life’s mysteries that will always be there and an ongoing issue for some. How can you have some of the luck that these seemingly dumb people have when you would actually use it for good, they get things and seem to throw it away.

I don’t get it, why not me. Well maybe it’s not your time, we all had something go right or something came to us when we least expected it. Did we recognize it as a good luck thing or miracle no we just were glad something came through and ran with it. But then again some did while others just over looked what they have and will have. I would like to know what does the ones with so much luck know that the others don’t what are their secret.


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