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Why do people cry in life?

Updated on November 13, 2013

“Do not apologize for crying. Without this emotion, we are only robots.” -Elizabeth Gilbert

Emotional attachment make you cry

Tears welled in my eyes when the doctor was methodically explaining to me that my husband was suffering from kidney failure. While the doctor was emotionless, I was hopelessly crying. What made me cry? The doctor was without any emotion because my husband was just a patient to him, but for me, he was my husband and so there was an emotional attachment.

Helpless crying

Emotions and feelings play a great role in making you feel like crying. Disappointment you face in life makes you feel dejected and stressed. You control your emotions and when the disappointment persists, you feel fatigued and pulled down by your frustrations and you resort to helpless crying.

Emotional loss makes your cry

Having unrealistic expectations in life can sometimes make you emotionally lost when those expectations are not met. You want success in your work and you want it immediately as you do not have the patience to wait. You do your work and expect immediate results, which often do not come. You are thrown into discontentment and you sometimes cry to lighten your burdened heart.

Loss of precious life

Loss of a precious person, financial debacle, rejected promotion, hurt feelings all make you cry. Is crying a show of meekness? When you are stressed, you feel suffocated with your stressed feelings. You feel emotionally deprived, and think that no one cares for you. When your feelings overwhelm you and you are confirmed that you are not given your due, your emotions overflow as tears.

Crying relieves you

Crying actually relives your emotional pain and you feel light and free from your stressed feelings. It is as if ice has thawed and you become less burdened. If you do not cry when your emotions are running high, you become mentally stressed and drained. So crying is actually a blessing, as when it is shed it relieves your stress and tension.

Emotional blackmail

But you might have seen some people crying at the drop of a hat. These people are actually spineless and expect everything to happen to their expectations. Even a small and innocuous incident is enough to make them cry and when they cry you do not feel sympathy, but feel angered at their emotional blackmail.

Men are vulnerable

Men usually do not cry as they are very practical, but that does not mean they are without emotions. It is their attitude of suppressing their feelings that make them more susceptible to heart problems. They feel that it is not manly to show emotions. When men cry, it means they are hurt very badly and that they can take it no more.

Tears of joy

I used to be such a cry baby and used to cry for even a minor issue. But the problems I faced in life have hardened me and now I do not cry for silly reasons. You cry when you are happy also and this crying is very infectious. Weddings, victory and happy occasions in family makes you cry with happiness and what could give you more happiness than tears of joy.

Those who do not weep, do not see.” -Victor Hug

You are very human when you cry

Tears depict that you are human and that you reciprocate the feelings of others. If you are wooden in your feelings, you never cry. When you are facing stifling problems in life, crying can lighten your heart. Crying should not become a habit as it makes people averse to you, but when you share the feelings of others and cry to show that you care, you are very human and very normal.

© 2012 mathira


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    • mathira profile image

      mathira 5 years ago from chennai

      Unknown, I feel sad for you and I am sure god will be with you to help you through.

    • profile image

      Unknown 5 years ago

      My mom and dad and my brothers and sisters all 10 of them died by the 2004 Tsunami when i was 11 years old this makes me cry


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