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Laughing for the Good Health

Updated on June 21, 2012

We all have heard that laughter is the best medicine but have rarely applied it. We are now so busy in our lives that laughter is missing from our lives. Laughing has healing properties both for our soul and our body. A good loud laugh triggers healthy changes in the body. It relaxes your muscles, strengthens the immune system and increases happiness around you. The article discusses the benefits of laughing and you can begin counting the reasons why you should laugh:

The physical benefits of laughter

Laughter is now used in medical science for healing of many diseases. Laughing is the best way to keep anger, stress and anxiety at a bay in our daily lives. When you laugh your body releases endorphins and dopamine which help in enhancing good health. It relaxes the body thus reducing stress and anxiety. A good laugh will leave you relaxed for 45 minutes. It increases the blood flow in the body and protects you from heart diseases. When you laugh anti-bodies the body produces anti-bodies which boost your immunity. You can also burn your calories with laughing. Some studies have shown that you can burn 50 calories by laughing for 10-15 minutes. It also helps in maintaining the blood sugar level.

The psychological benefits of laughter

Laughter increases the feel-good chemical in your body and thus helps you in being optimistic. It relaxes your muscles and recharges you by increasing the energy level of the body. It will help you develop a positive thinking attitude.

The Social benefits of laughter

Laughing is contagious and when you laugh the world around you with laugh with you. You can strengthen your relationship through laughing together. If you are working in a team and have differences with your team members it could be very stressful but your smile will create a new bonding with your team members. Incorporating humor in your work will help you improve your relationship as well as productivity of the team. Laughing with your friends and families will make your relationship stronger.

Some interesting facts about laughing

· It is difficult to get angry or tense when you are laughing.

· Children laugh 300-400 times but adults laugh only 10 -12 times a day.

· Maximum percentage of our laugh is due to comments on social situations and not on jokes.

· In the mid-nineties an individual laughed 20 minutes each day but now we laugh only 6 minutes per day.

· The reason why all TV comedy shows have laughing track stems from the fact that laughing is infectious.

· We all laugh in the same way irrespective of our language, gender, ethnicity, etc.

· The study of laughter and its effect on body is known as Gelotology.

· Men find women more attractive when they smile than when they apply makeup.

· Women and baby girls smile more than their counterparts.

Laughing is the best and an inexpensive medicine which will benefit your health. We are all born with ability to laugh and are not taught the way to laugh. It means that laughter is an innate gift that we all have so use it to the fullest.

Keep laughing :)

At what phase of your life you think you laughed the most?

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