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Why dou you need to sleep on left side.

Updated on May 24, 2016

Sleep on your left side. Why? Read!
Dream - an integral part of human life. That is why it is to the greatest extent affect any recovery processes of the body, both physical and mental. However, this does not mean that the more we sleep, the better, the most important thing is the quality of our sleep. So what affects posture in which we spend most of our sleep? Here is the answer on the state of the upper layers of the skin, digestive system and even immune.
There are many postures in which our body remains during sleep. It is worth paying attention to the following facts:
- Sleep on your back causes snoring, which in turn makes it difficult to breath, and already this creates an unnecessary burden for resting the body, thus preventing him to recover in the proper degree. Snoring on the back can develop asthma or apnea (brief pauses in breathing). Sleep on the back and on the effect of oxygen content in the blood, or rather its insufficient content, which in turn can cause the same respiratory disease risk nucleation.
- Sleep processes carried out on the right side, causing digestive problems. The fact that the inhibition of the lymphatic system. It affects the deterioration process of the withdrawal of harmful toxins from the body and causes the risk of fatal diseases.
- Sleep on your left side eliminates all the above disadvantages and developing these systems for the better.
At the end I tell you a few tips to help you choose and get used to sleep on the left side.
Refill the edge closer to the right side to make a choice subconsciously to the left side, since it more comfortable because of the larger amount of space.
Keep the included nightlight on the right side to dislike for night-time light forced you find comfort and cosiness in the opposite left side.
Also on the right side, you can place a large pillow or other object that will prevent convenient sleep on the right side.
That's it, you good sleep and health.


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