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Why drinking alcohol underage or if you have a bad temper is a bad idea.

Updated on January 29, 2016

Why alcohol is bad for you underage and why to avoid if you have a temper

We all enjoy a drink now and again!
Some of us enjoy to drink more than others.
Personally I'm not much of a drinker but i know quite a few people that love nothing more than to have a few drinks after work.
Or maybe even before work depending on the kind of person you are.
Everyone is totally different and that's fine.
The only thing is...
We all have that one friend that likes to to it a little too far even when they know they can't handle it.
It's sad really as it can soon take over your life!
I know some are fine with that.
Personally I couldn't imagine something any worse than having that constant burden.
The point i am trying to make here is some people drink way too much and let it slowly become everything that they are and ever will be.
Some get over the addiction and that's great!
Other's die at a young age or need a liver transplant.
A few close people to me have gone through battles with alcohol and it saddens me deeply to know they were once in a place where alcohol took over them almost like it can possess you and change who you are.
You stop been happy and sweet,
Some may stay almost the same on the outside.
But the emotional damage is not repairable.
It's something that will always linger in the back of your mind no matter how old you get or how strong you are as a person.
Some people are the nicest people ever when they drink in moderation or don't drink alchohol at all.
But there is always that one friend or loved one that can't handle what he or she drinks and turns a little nasty.
They aim to upset you and they often resort to violence even if it's usually not in their nature.
I know a few that has happend too.
I wish the past could be changed for them but it will always be there.
Your temper is always something you need to keep a very keep eye on when you like to drink.
Always make sure you're happy and in a good mood.
Also don't drink because you are depressed or angry as both of these can lead to very bad things and maybe you'll say something that you will regret deeply after a few hours.
Personally I have never done anything like this and I nevre will as i'm not a big drinker at all.
I drink with friends now and again but that's about it and I really wish others would just do that.
Many people year after year loose their lives to alcohol.
Some people think they have something to prove and they start a fight they could never win.
Others start fights with people that aren't as strong s them so they know the other person will never win.
This usually leads to someone getting badly hurt and someone going to jail.
Some people might get drunk and cheat on the person they love.
Others might just get verbally abusive towards their closest friends.
I think it's really sad that a drink can lead to so many dark things that are hard to come back from.
I know not everyone is bad and some handle their drink in a really good way so they just have a good time with friends over dinner or maybe a celebration.
To me that is a really good thing to do as you get older.
It helps you make ner friends.
But I think if you're not mature enough you should leave alcohol alone until you're a man or a woman instead of a boy or a girl!
I know when you're young it seems cool to drink as a lot of your friends usually do it at like 14-17...
But there is nothing cool about liver failiure and possibly loosing your life and loved ones.
Those that love you will stick by you.
Those that don't will leave.
I don't mean to scare anyone that reads this.
It's just the reality of drinking and why you need to be responsable with what you drink.
Trust me...
If you look after your insides and drink on occasion when you're old enough you will feel so much better about yourself.

Why Alcohol is good if you're old enough to drink it.

If you're over 18 or 21 in some places you're finally old enough to drink and it's a pretty cool feeling when someone asks to see your ID and you can show them that you are legally able to drink.

Some people really don't care as they don't drink...

If you want to have a drink and you're old enough it really is great.

You can be more social and go to clubs and bars with your friends.

You can have a house party and make lots of new friends.

Drinking is always fun when you have someone to drink with.

If you're on your own then there is very little point as you will most probably get very depressed in a matter of minutes.

Alcohol always makes depression a lot worse as it chills you out and even though it makes you feel calm after a couple of drinks it can lower your mood as well.

If you're with some good friends it will always be fun and full of joy instead of you feeling low and dumpy

Personally I never drink on my own as it get's very boring after a little while.

Some might enjoy a quiet drink.

Other's might not drink at all.

But the people that do always have more fun if they drink together.

Why i wrote this

The reasons behind this article is to show people the dangers of drinking and to how younger people that it's a good idea to wait until you're the legal age to drink anything.

I know a lot of you will disagree with the underage thing.

But it's each to their own.

If you want to get liver failure at 17 then that's down to you as everyone has freedom.

But As i said i would highly recommend waiting until you're the legal age to drink.

Thanks for reading

Thanks all for reading this.

I hope anyone that reads this will come away with a better understanding of what they are doing.

i do not aim to offend with my work.

i just want those that drink to have a long happy life that they get to spend with friends and loved ones.

Instead of one in a hospital bed or in trouble with the law.

The legal age to drink is there for a reason and respecting the law is always key to been a better person and getting farther in life.


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