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Why drugs always need to be illigal

Updated on April 1, 2016

In the news

In the news recently there has been quite a lot going on about making quite a few things legal in England and a few other places around the world. In some places marijuana is already legal and that's great. The medical benefits of this drug can help with all different kinds of pain and even help people sleep. They help people with cancer and those people out there that have seizures. It's a drug that could help quite a lot of people and has already helped people. I think that it should be legal all over the world if im honest but as a prescription drug instead of just something you can buy from any store. It needs to be controlled in a way that children and people that would abuse the drug can't get hold of it.

The people that take them.

There are many people out there that take other things much worse than weed. Some drugs really mess you up inside and change how people look at you. Drugs are illegal for a reason and that is to keep everyone safe from the effects it would have on people that would happily take them if they were legal. Many people would love to try drugs but don't want to get in trouble for taking them. It's that fear that everyone should have of other illegal drugs. People need to understand that the 20-60 minute high you get from something so bad for you really isn't worth it. So many people are losing children, brothers, sisters and friends everyday to illegal drugs that they buy from someone they think they can trust. The fact of the matter is they are never safe and never will be. People will never get the same amount as drugs are usually cut with some other things that make them even worse for you such as bleach and rat poison. These things can harm the insides of anyone that takes them. It doesn't matter how strong or big you are. You could still die...

Drugs Will Never Be Cool

The main thing young people need to understand is that it doesn't make you cool just because you take something at a party everyone else is taking. It's the pressure from other people that usually makes someone start taking and once they start they usually can never stop. They lose everything and everyone around them that they loved. It changes who you are and makes you look at things very differently.

What Do Drugs Do to Your Insides?

Drugs break down your insides and can actually dissolve some of your insides. Some drugs can change the way you look. You will get lots of zits and sweat more than you ever thought you would. You will always feel like you need more of you will hurt inside and always be on edge. People think that some drugs are safe but they never really will be no matter what you do with them They will still hurt you and the ones you love that take them. Some drugs make your heart beat a lot faster so by doing this you can have a heart attack or maybe even something worse.

They should stay illigal

Drugs to me should always be Illegal no matter what people say about them. It's not because they can't be taxed or anything of the sort. It's to keep people safe and healthy. It doesn't matter what young people think about making them legal. The fact of the matter is so many young people would be dead in a matter of days if all drugs were made legal. It's dad to think how many people take them already. We all know that no matter what we do people will still take them. All we can do is be there for the people that take them and try help them stop taking.


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