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Why everyone should eat the wonder fruit PAPAYA

Updated on October 18, 2014

I never really liked eating Papaya until I started reading about the fruit and doing some research. Many people call the fruit the wonder fruit. Now that I eat it very often I see why they called it the wonder fruit.

Helps with your digestive system:

Papaya can help with many digestive disorders. There is an enzyme called Papain, this powerful enzyme in Papaya, helps to dissolve and digest protein. This help ease your stomach ailments and indigestion.Papaya has been effective in easing heartburn. I have use it in the past it was has worked for me. Other members of my family have used and they all said it works for them. So now you should give it a try yourself and see if it works for you. I always tell people to try to heal themselves the natural way. Lets just ask ourselves how did people centuries ago did it?

Papaya stimulates appetite so for those who suffer from appetite then you should give this a try..Papaya’s enzyme, papain extends its activity to digesting carbohydrate. Papain also breaks down wheat gluten, Also for those who have difficulty digesting starchy foods, such as breads, cereals and potatoes you might find great relief in including Papaya in your diet.

Helps to boost up the Immune system:

The cold weather is around the corner and this is when your immune systems need to be stronger. Papaya is a very high in Vitamin C, A and E all powerful immune boosting antioxidant vitamins. Papayas has a very nigh content of vitamin C, an essential vitamin everyone should get from food this is something our bodies can’t make. Papaya is a great source of vitamin A which help maintain healthy mucus membranes, clear skin and good eye sight. All the properties of these vitamins; A, C and E , this makes papaya a great fruit to help fight free radicals.

Papaya helps fight inflammation:

Who hasn't had a problem with inflammation in their lives? I don't know of anyone and if you haven't you will in the future unfortunately. Papaya contains to major important enzymes; papain and chymopapain which have been shown to help reduce inflammation and help with healing of burns in many cases.

Lowers cholesterol:

If you don't have high cholesterol then your friend or family member does. They said about 1 in 4 people have high cholestorol. This is a major problem but many people don't realize they have high cholesterol. Papaya has high amounts of fiber and zero cholestorel. The high amounts of fiber will help reduce cholesterol.

Improves complexion:

I would say many of us suffer from different types of skin problems.

  • The AHA's (alpha-hydroxy acids), which are the most coveted ingredients of today for their anti-aging properties, are in abundance in Papaya which makes it an acidic fruit. If you apply Papaya for more time, it would cause dryness and might even irritate sensitive skins.
  • Mash the uneaten Papaya with or without milk and apply on your face. It helps in removing blemishes, dark spots, evens out your skin tone and brings a glow to your face.Papaya is a great skin-firming and anti-aging mask
  • Remember Papaya is a natural exfoliator.
  • For a hydrating skin mask Mix mashed Papaya with honey
  • Rub the Papaya peel on your face after eating the papaya. Let it stay for no more than 5 minutes and wash off with cold water

Papayas seeds:

Papaya seeds are useful for treating intestinal worms found in the body

I usually make smoothies with papaya seeds. What I do is first crush them really good and mixed them with fruits or vegetables of my choice or even yogurt or ice cream. The whole idea behind this is to get the benefits of the seeds one way or the other. Obviously if you were to try them alone without anything they wouldn't taste good. With whatever you mix them with will be your choice depending on your taste preferences.

All of the benefits above are things I have done for myself. They have help me very much. I'm a true believer of natural remedies first and if they don't work then you could seek your primary doctor. The choice is up to you. No body is the same. What works for me might not work for you but the research and evidence is out there proving that papaya is a wonder fruit!

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