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Why is Hypertension Dangerous and Choosing the Right Blood Pressure Monitor

Updated on May 5, 2016

Difficulties controlling hypertension

There are, by official estimates, about 50 million people in the USA who have been diagnosed with hypertension, and more than 80% say they are unable to control it notwithstanding following the national care guidelines, and having at their disposal a plethora of medicines.

The emerging picture could be a worrying one in that even with the small 20%, the average levels of BP at any given point of time stay at <140/90mm Hg. A number of factors are accounted to contribute to poor control some of which relate to lacking of adherence, variation in the readings arising out of the usage of unscientifically proven apparatuses and irregular tracking and maintenance of records relating to blood pressure.

Treatment of hypertension:keep it under surveillance

Hypertension is a chronic condition and being asymptomatic in nature, its harmful effect on people's heart condition manifests only over a period of time. In this kind of situation, and in any discussion regarding treatment of hypertension, systems that provide consistent surveillance are needed to prevent adverse effects and unhealthy consequences.

Patients laboring with this illness are much better able to look after themselves with the aid of a home blood pressure monitor, whilst also developing their self-care routine. The availability of accurate, easy to use and affordable devices has been made possible by technological advances. However one needs to take a certain degree of care in choosing these medical instruments.

These devices should generally be approved by the FDA and meet the strict criteria of the Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation. Those products which meet the highest standards for accuracy are capable of measuring blood pressure in the brachial artery.

the Omron Blood Pressure Monitors


Omron Blood Pressure monitor

A correctly chosen home blood pressure monitor allows the health care professionals better treatment of their patients. When one considers Blood Pressure Monitoring instrument brands Omron is one of the leading contenders.

Omron Healthcare is a subsidiary of the Omron Corporation which was established back in the Thirties in the last century. It is dedicated to manufacturing and distributing high quality medical, home healthcare and wellness products. The company stays ahead of the game scientifically with the help of over 90 engineers and support staff at their HQ in Kyoto;and in the related commercial area, through support personnel at both headquarters and offices located throughout the world.

Much to its credit,Omron have led the way with a number of medical products, including those in the home-healthcare market. It was the first to highlight the fact that digital thermometers are safer, more reliable and more accurate than mercury units, and it introduced the digital thermometers into the US market on a wide scale. Omron also developed a body fat monitor that uses sensor technology and respiratory inhalation devices that utilize vibrating mesh technology.

It was also a world-beater in developing manual and digital bp monitors for the home health care market. Its popularity as the number one product in the USA and elsewhere is attested by the fact that it had crossed the sales threshold of 100 million units in September, 2009. For more on this check out this post


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