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Why is Kale a Superfood?

Updated on September 27, 2016
Fresh kale
Fresh kale | Source

Kale is Full of Nutrients

Kale is considered a superfood. Superfoods are foods packed with healthy nutrients that your body craves. Kale contains several, such as vitamins A, B6, C, K, and also magnesium, calcium, potassium, manganese, copper, and more. It is amazing that a cup of kale includes all of these vitamins and only has 33 calories.

The Benefits of Kale

The benefits of kale
The benefits of kale

Kale Might Prevent Diseases

Eating kale might help prevent cancer, osteoporosis, arthritis, diabetes, and kidney stones. It aids in the health of the heart, bones, vision, skin, and digestion system. With all these benefits, it's easy to see why some call kale a superfood.

Is Kale Good for You?

Eat more kale!
Eat more kale! | Source

5 Ways to Eat Kale

  • Kale smoothie
  • Kale salad
  • Kale chips
  • Kale soup
  • Kale stir fry

Kale is a Superfood

Kale Smoothie Recipe

Kale smoothie recipe
Kale smoothie recipe | Source

Learn How to Cook Kale

Kale salad
Kale salad | Source

What is your favorite way to eat kale?

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Try kale. You might love it!
Try kale. You might love it! | Source


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    • Ebower profile image

      Erin Bower 22 months ago from Georgia

      Sneha Sunny: Good call! Kale smoothies are surprisingly tasty if you add lots of fruit in it. Thanks for your comment!

    • Sneha Sunny profile image

      Sneha Sunny 22 months ago from India

      I'm going to try kale smoothie.

    • Ebower profile image

      Erin Bower 22 months ago from Georgia

      vocalcoach: I've only tried it in a salad and a smoothie, but I agree that stir-fry sounds good as well! Thanks for reading and commenting!

    • vocalcoach profile image

      Audrey Hunt 22 months ago from Idyllwild Ca.

      Kale is just about my favorite vegetable. I use it mostly in my salads but also enjoy stir-fry. After watching the video on making chips I'm trying this. Thanks.

    • Ebower profile image

      Erin Bower 22 months ago from Georgia

      BlossomSB: That's neat that she grows her own. I had never heard of it until recently either. Thanks for your comment!

    • BlossomSB profile image

      Bronwen Scott-Branagan 22 months ago from Victoria, Australia

      My vegetarian daughter is a great user - and grower - of kale. An informative and interesting article. I'd never even heard of it as a child, but it now seems to be the 'in-thing.'