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Why is Pollution a problem?

Updated on September 6, 2015
Pollution | Source

Pollution is a problem because man, in an increasingly populated and industrialized world, is upsetting the environment in which he lives.

Many scientists maintain that one of man’s greatest errors has been to equate growth with advancement. Now “growth” industries are being looked on with suspicion in case their side effects damage the environment and disrupt the relationship of different forms of life.

The growing population makes increasing demands on the world’s fixed supply of air, water and land. This rise in population is accompanied by the desire of more and more people for a better standard of living.

Thus still greater demands for electricity, water and goods result in an ever increasing amount of waste material to be disposed of. The problem has been causing increasing concern to living things and their environment.

Many believe that man is not solving these problems quickly enough and that his selfish pursuit of possessions takes him past the point of no return before he fully appreciates the damage. It would then be too late to reverse the process.

Ecologists say we are so determined to possess a new car or washing machine, or to obtain a greater yield from our crops by the use of fertilizers, that we ignore the fact that life depends on a lot of micro-organisms working efficiently.


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