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Why Is It Important to Drink Plenty of Water Every Day?

Updated on March 28, 2018
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Fitness is one of my interests, along with enjoying sports. I hope to help other people discover how beautiful life is.

The Source of Life

Water is maybe the most important thing we have. The entire world is moved by the presence of water: there are even animals living in the water, like fishes! Not only we use water in order to cook food or wash ourselves: we also drink it and we exist only because there is water in our life.

Water is essential for our environment.
Water is essential for our environment.

Many people tend to replace this precious fluid with sodas and other delicious but really fatty drinks, without considering the fact simple water is the healthiest choice we can make. Sodas are actually full of sugar so that they are enemies of your diet. In addition, they are not as natural as water, as they are industrial productions, made also of colouring additives and preservatives. But why is it important to drink plenty of water every day? In this article you are going to discover the benefits of keeping your body hydrated.

How Much Water You Should Drink in a Day

Don't Drink Too Much

We start by telling you how much water you should drink in a day. There is not a fixed amount but, in general, we can say 2 litres a day are good to keep your body hydrated. 3 litres may be also a good amount, especially if you are doing sports and other physical activities. It is very important not to exceed: drinking too much is actually bad for your body and you may also feel less motivated to reach a hard goal like introducing too much water in a single day. At the same time, you should pay attention to iced water: it can make you feel weaker and you can even risk indigestion if you are introducing too much cold liquid in a short time. Drinking hot liquids like tea (obviously without sugar) is actually better, even during summer days. Try to believe it: after some minutes you will feel more refreshed as your body is yielding heat to compensate. Cold drinks are maybe delicious and apparently make us feel better, especially during a hot sunny day: at the fact, they are not so much suitable for us!

How much water do you drink a day?

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A glass of water in a Rome's cafe.
A glass of water in a Rome's cafe.

Split your Glasses of Water among the Entire Day

Don't drink all the water you can in just a few hours. It is actually bad for two reasons: our body better gets hydrated when you drink glasses of water during the entire day. In addition, if you extremely drink too much in few hours you can risk serious consequences: an English woman even died for having introduced 4 litres of water in 2 hours. You can get intoxicated by too much water, that's why it is important to drink a lot, but without exaggerating. Finally, drinking too much water makes us naturally less disposed to drink over the time, so that exaggerating a day will led to a complete failure of our drinking goals the next days.

Some cocktails in a Milan's bar. Sodas and cocktails are delicious, but they should never replace water!
Some cocktails in a Milan's bar. Sodas and cocktails are delicious, but they should never replace water!

Why You Should Drink Much Water During the Day

You Look Younger

How to look younger than your real age and have a perfect skin? Genetics can contribute, but also the amount of water you are actually drinking during the day is relevant. When you drink at least 2 litres of water a day, you contribute to maintain your skin hydrated and good-looking. If you experience acne or other skin issues, actually a regular introduction of water can help you get rid of all the imperfections. Many people spend a fortune in aesthetic treatments without knowing the solution to be more good-looking is actually very cheap. The secret of eternal youth is just inside your fridge, what are you waiting for?

You Keep Your Body Cleaner

When you drink a good amount of water, you are helping your organism to eject toxines. Your loins work better and you feel also better. To maintain a good health, there is no better medicine of regular drinking of water. Also your immune system will work better as long as you keep your body hydrated.

You Stay Fitter

When it comes to maintaining a good physical appearance, a good amount of water can surely have a great impact on you. In fact water helps the body to metabolize extra fats. A good diet and hard workout are nothing without an adequate introduction of water. In addition, if you don't drink enough, you are more willing to feel thirst. This is the first signal you need to increase amount of water you drink during the day. The real problem is that many people confuse thirst with hunger so that they end eat a lot of food. This lead to getting fatter and fatter without having real benefits. When you drink a good amount of water you are less probably to feel thirsty and, at the same time, you are constantly getting full of liquids. This means you have less space in your stomach so that you feel less the need of eating more than the necessary.

Hard workout is nothing if you don't introduce enough water in your organism. Water helps you metabolize extra fats, makes you eat less and makes your body more efficient.
Hard workout is nothing if you don't introduce enough water in your organism. Water helps you metabolize extra fats, makes you eat less and makes your body more efficient.

How Can I Drink More Water?

There are people more or less motivated to drink an adequate daily amount of water. In general, even the less motivated guy can get a concrete help by downloading some specific apps for the smartphone. These apps help people to drink glasses of water regularly by reminding them with a simple push notification. An example of app for Android is Water Drink Reminder. Water reminder apps are actually useful because our everyday's life makes us always busy to think about drinking water when needed. Sometimes we even ignore thirst. These apps make us remember we need to drink at certain times.

Water Drink Reminder app open on a smartphone.
Water Drink Reminder app open on a smartphone.

If you are not so much motivated to drink water, maybe it's because you want to have something more tasteful. You already know you cannot replace water with sodas, but you can actually try a simple solution: adding some lemon to your glass of water. Lemon has many benefits and can actually give a good taste to your glass of water.

Are you actually using a water reminder app?

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Water is too much important in your life to replace it with sodas or to drink it without a regular basis. When you don't drink enough water or replace it with other fluids, you are going to face various problems. At least 2 litres of water a day keep the doctor away: this precious liquid is actually the best medicine you can have in order to stay healthy. Are you actually drinking at least 2 litres of water a day? Are you motivated to do this or not? Comment this article with your experiences!

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