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Why is it So Important to Laugh?

Updated on April 16, 2017

Effects of laughter on our lives:

We all know that life is not always funny sometimes we have to face conditions which make us feel upset demotivated but that doesn't mean that we should not laugh.In this era where we all are busy in dealing with our problems either they are financial or emotional or social we people don't have time to laugh.According to a study it was found that children laugh about 200 times in a day whereas adult people laugh only 26 times in a day this shows that how busy we are in our lives that we even don't have time to laugh.Here are some reasons to laugh which will tell you that why is it important to laugh.

1.Laughing affect your brain activity.

2.Laughter is a stress buster.

3.Laughter help you build relationships.

4.Laughter generates positivity within you.

5.Laughter touches our soul.

1.Laughing affect your brain activity:brain activity can be improved by adapting good brain habits and laughter is one of the good brain habits .Humor researcher peter derks using EEG(ELECTROENCEPHALOGRAPH) measured the brain activity of some subjects when they laughed and he observed that in every case an electrical wave pattern was produced.

Did you know before reading this hub, how many times a day an average adult laughs?

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The cerebral cortex produced an electrical wave pattern and it was observed that whenever the wave took negative charge the subject laughed and when it was positive no response was there.

during this experiment several things were noticed :

a.Brains frontal lobe became active

b.The right hemisphere of the cortex worked to analyse and understand the joke.

c.The brainwave activity spread out to the occipital lobe .

d.The motor sections were stimulated and the physical response to the joke was regulated.

this shows that laughter don,t affect a single part of the brain but it affect a lot of regions of the brain so in order to keep your brain healthy laugh everyday.

This proves that laughter is a complex phenomena.

2.Laughter is a stress releaser: laughter reduce the stress hormone in our body and also help in reducing blood pressure. laughter also increase floe of antibodies in our blood and help us to be resistant to infections .

3.Laughter help you build relationships : whenever you spend time with someone and talk with them and laugh with them the emotional bond between you and that particular person grow stronger .

4.Laughter generate positivity within you:whenever we face any problem in our lives we tend to become upset or you can say we turn negative .Laughter help us tom tackle this negativity.laughter brings happiness and happiness is key to be positive so this is how laughter make you feel positive

5.Laughter touches our souls this is something which I personally experience .Whenever i laugh i can sense a rejuvenating positive feeling coming out of me.Actually there is some kind of holiness in laughter which make us feel more alive this is why people say that a single smile can win thousand hearts .

so these are some reasons to laugh .In the end i want to say that we should laugh everyday .We should stay happy and make others happy.


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    • Gaurav Oberoi profile image

      gaurav oberoi 

      19 months ago

      This is one of the most fabulous and unique hubs that i have ever read. Though a little short but not short on info. Thanks for this hub.


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