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Why is sleep good for you?

Updated on November 22, 2017
The 11 benefits of sleep
The 11 benefits of sleep

Why is sleep good for you?

Everyone needs sleep in order to function throughout the day. Or do they, Sleep is not something you can live without limitlessly. Some people think they can go without sleep but eventually, the lake of sleep will catch up to them. Most people envy the people that say they can go without sleep. People that need sleep are trying to figure out how some people don’t need it. In reality, though everyone needs sleep, you can't live on no sleep, the people who don’t sleep often or have good sleeping patterns don’t like admitting it to others and in fact are envious of the people with good sleeping patterns. Sleeping is required by even animals in order for them to function so don’t think that because you are a person you are exempt from it. You can live on limitless sleep or no sleep at all, we all need sleep to function but not too much. Sleeping limitlessly will make you feel disgusting but that doesn't mean sleeping isn't good for you. It just means you don't need to much sleep.

Why is sleep good for you? and why do you feel as though sometimes you need limitless amounts of it? I will give you my reasoning behind this and then I will give you the Internets reasoning behind this. Sleep is good for you because your body needs to stop at some point during the day and recharge, in order for you to continue to go onto the next day. If you don’t sleep you will become grumpy, and you won’t be on your game, either a work or school or even hanging out with friends and family. Nobody likes a person that, is grumpy. What is the real reason sleep is good for you? According to, The 11 benefits of a good night sleep, it says that with more sleep your memory will improve, you will live longer, it will curb inflammation that is linked to stroke, diabetes and heart disease, arthritis, and premature aging, spur creativity, be a winner if you’re an athlete the number one way to improve your performance is sleep. Improve your grades, sharpen attention, have a healthy weight, lower stress, avoid accidents, steer clear of depression.

These are some of the things that sleep can help you with during your everyday life. I am sure that most of you reading this post, have seen my night owl post, and in that post I say, I am not usually a night owl, and it is true. Being a night owl at any age, is not good for anyone, because of the reasons listed above, so even if you think you can do it, try sleeping instead. Sleep is good for you, it will keep you healthier in the long run, and it will improve your memory.

One of the big things that sleep is good for is reducing stress, everyone no matter how old you are has a bit of stress in their lives. Which is why sleep is good for everyone, I know that people might think that they can get more done, on less sleep, but in reality not sleeping does more damage to your body. Sleeping for eight to ten hours a night will improve everything in your life tremendously so why would you give that up?

Why sleep is good for you?

How many hours of sleep a night do you get

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Check out the  top ten health benefits of sleep are you doing these things or do you need to start doing them?
Check out the top ten health benefits of sleep are you doing these things or do you need to start doing them?

Sleep and its Benefits

Sleep is beneficial for everyone because you can’t function without it, No matter how much you try, if you don’t sleep, your brain doesn’t work the way it should. I will use myself as an example, I remember one day, I went to school and slept with my eyes open. I am being serious when I say I slept with my eyes open because when I got home from school that night, and I sat down to do my homework I was shocked considering I didn’t know what had happened throughout the day and what I was doing when it came to my homework. Why did I sleep with my eyes open for the entire day? You ask I realized at four am, or somewhere around there that I had an assignment due that day, or at least that was what the piece of paper said, and I had the assignment finished but I didn’t have to have done until the next week. It was awesome that the assignment was done early, but it wasn’t awesome that I slept with my eyes open all day because of it. I didn’t remember what happened that day, so my question to you is why is sleep good for you?

Sleep is good for you because it keeps you healthy, strong and in the know of what is going on around you. Nobody likes to not know what is going on around them especially with your job, school, driving or family. So why is sleep good for you? It keeps you with it, in what goes on in your everyday life. So to the people that think that they don’t need sleep to function, sure you might not think so when you are a teenager, but when you get to college or when you have a job and family it will catch up with you. You will begin to wonder why you are gaining weight, or you can’t remember things. Think about it, what is the thing you are going without and if the answer is sleep, then you need to fix that.

Sleep is a necessity for things to run smoothly, and I don’t just mean for people. Your computer and gaming systems go into sleep mode, in order for them to take a break, and recharge in a way that you can use them again without burning them out. If machines have to do that, don’t you think that you have to do the same thing? Sleep is good for people, animals, and machines, so why would you want to give that up.

I know that I love to sleep, why do I love to sleep, because I get to relax and not think about things, while I am sleeping. Things stop and you can regroup if you have a bad day or a stressful day, what is the first thing you want to do? Sleep most likely because you want to forget about what happened during your bad day. if you sleep it off you will feel better, and you might have a new outlook on what is coming next in your life. Sleeping is good for you because it helps your thoughts get organized and if you don’t let your thoughts get organized, you are going to be lost in a fog of confusion and nobody likes that right?

So the next time you think that cutting sleep out of your life to do something think again. Sleep is good for you and will make you happier, healthier and your work ethic will be better so don’t give up sleep just because in the long run you will regret it. Sleep will benefit the rest of your life no matter what you might think so never give it up.

Why sleep is good for you

How much sleep do you get a night

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Why Do we Sleep?

Sleep is something everyone needs in order to continue to live. If we don't sleep we won't be able to function and that is why we need it, if we want to get through each day we need to sleep at night. Sometimes sleep might be hard at times, but we still need it in order to function so when you are tired, either nap, if it is during the day or sleep if you get tired at night, don't try and stay awake just because you feel like it, if you are at home go to bed and sleep. We all need at least six to eight hours or sleep depending on how old we are. If we don't get that we won't be our chipper selves the next day and nobody likes not being chipper do they?

Why Is Sleep Good For You Let's Discuss

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