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Why is your diet not working? Ask Yosi Warsa!

Updated on June 3, 2015

Have you ever been tired of going on different diets and still not losing weights? Well, you are not alone. Even after following every rules and instruction, your diet may still fail. The moment of truth comes when we step on the scale and noting changes or even see few pounds increased. So what is the problem?

The Food & Fitness Consultant, Yosi Warsa, gives you 5 reasons why your diet regime just hits a plateau.

Yosi Warsa
Yosi Warsa | Source

1. Not Eating Enough Food

You may not realize that during diet period, our food intake becomes less therefore less nutrition that our body receives. Most of the time, diet also slows your metabolism therefore less fats being processed or burned. For our body to increase its metabolism, we have to make sure that we eat enough food and get enough nutrients. When metabolism increases, so does the increase in fat burning.

2. Waiting for Miracles

Diet program can be stressful sometimes but we still demand instant results. Many people turn to some “healthy” supplements which claim instant weight loss. Since t is hard to stick with diet program, we end up rely too much on other things such as weight loss pills. We ask Yosi Warsa for his view on weight loss supplements. He commented that we need to be educated about what we put into our own body. Make sure that there are good research behind the supplements we decide to take. Find out what active ingredients included in the supplements and learn about benefits and side effects of each ingredients. Yosi Warsa also said that we should not be fooled by so many ads on TV that promise instant weight loss. Instead, we have to prioritize a healthy lifestyle and not diet lifestyle.

3. Too Focused on Calorie Counting

Stay on top of diet program is very important. Like it or not, we eventually become very strict and count calories for each food that we eat. Yosi Warsa explains that most of his clients turn to food products that are low-carb, low-fat and sugar free. But all his clients share the same similarity that they miss good & delicious foods. The truth is calories written on labels can sometimes be misleading. Calorie counting habits can also affect our performance in the gym. Those who are obsessed with calorie counting will only work out to burn their calories instead of performing smart and effective exercise. Yosi Warsa prefers that his clients always listen to their bodies and what their bodies need in that moment. He also emphasizes to always eat when you’re hungry.

4. Too Focused on Your Scale

The most important thing in fitness life is to be able to feel good about yourself. When we are on diet program, we tend to check on our scale too often. We even forget about how we feel inside and outside. Yosi Warsa realizes that his clients tend to get stressed out before weighing themselves even though they just finish working out. The truth is, our body changes all the time. Body weight fluctuates constantly so, scale only shows numbers but does not reflect one’s strength or endurance. Yosi Warsa tells us that muscles are heavier than fats. This is something that scale does not tell us specifically. The best way is to feel and understand your body. When you feel good about yourself inside and outside, then the scale should not determine who you are and how you carry yourself everyday.

5. Not Getting Good Rest

For those of you who are in mission to lose weights, Yosi Warsa clearly understand how difficult it can be. Not only you need willpower or motivation, but also energy to stay active and stay on top of your diet agenda. That is why it is important for your body to get enough rest. As a Food & Fitness Consultant, Yosi Warsa always advises his clients to get enough rest every day. We have to listen to what our body needs. When you’re body tired of working out, you may want to consider taking 1 day off from the gym. Skip a day off the gym will not hurt your diet program, as long as you come back to the gym strong and work out hard and smart.


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