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Why passion just doesn't cut it!

Updated on August 20, 2017
Illura profile image

Illura is lineage holder to the ancient Healing art 'Tayshara', Tayshara is a way of healing dis-ease by reviving, your Universal Self.

Is passion really the key to living your dreams?
Is passion really the key to living your dreams?
Well this does not leave one with many options!
Well this does not leave one with many options!

"PASSION" it is touted as the one thing you need to be in order to live the life of your dreams. In fact you should be waking up feeling it and it should be the driving force behind the work you do on a daily basis –remember: “Live what you love and love what you live”!!!

There is only one problem with this seemingly unstoppable life force.

And that has to do with where we live.

The dimension that our reality resides in is most certainly not situated in the deepest realms of hell, nor are we located in the lofty realms of the heavens.

We reside in the realm, dear reader, where there is opportunity to go either way – up to the divine heavenly planes or down to the burning pits of hell!

In the biblical sense you could say Earth is a sort of ‘purgatory’, or as ancient Norse Mythology once named Earth ‘Midgard’ - a place with ample sway from the midpoint to go either up or down.

Or as described by Illura – Earth, a place where suffering is sustained!

If you are reading this and you just can’t relate to life being so sufferable, you are just not being attentive enough!

Look around, pay attention, observe life ‘as it is’ - everyone is struggling -even passionate people.

Listen to your own inner narratives, listen to people when they are speaking honestly - they speak about their struggles, their addictions, their pain and fear.

In every form of sentient life here in Midgard[!] there is struggle behind the scenes, there is loneliness, challenge, endurance and some sort of daily torture going on – whether it be mental, emotional and/or physical.

You only need to open your eyes to see, you only need to ask yourself – Why do I want to meditate? What drives me to work on my diet? What makes me want to change my life for the better? The answer is always because you don’t want to suffer any more.

The innate problem with ‘passion’ when it comes to living in a reality where suffering is a sustained force, is that passion, quite frankly just doesn’t cut it!

A true state of Passion can only be maintained for how long? 10 minutes, half a best an entire day! Not very long. In truth passion is fleeting and so cannot be relied upon to get the job done!

Let’s face it – ‘passion’ became a marketing tool for a very niche market – the New Age market around about the 1990’s. It worked. Plenty of people felt renewed hope, experienced motivation to reflect on their lives, their dreams, it helped people wake up, get fired up only to eventually crash and burn - as there are always those individuals who believe that passion has the power to destroy their suffering.

And from what I have observed of those who try to maintain a constant state of passion, well they often end up kinda crazy and maniacal.

However there may be some good that has come from pushing passion as the answer to life’s…well suffering, but I think we can do better!

We need something that can sustain our drive.

Unlike passion, what sustains drive, what ultimately sustains us, in any area of life is - discipline.

Discipline comes from observing that suffering is always there.

Discipline is a great motivational tool. It is far more long lasting than passion and easily competes with day to day suffering.

It is discipline that makes us strong, strong enough to make the changes and sustain those changes that we need so badly in our lives.

It is discipline that allows us to keep going when all is lost, when everything seems to be falling apart.

It is discipline that allows us the clarity and strength to do what is right.

It is discipline that earns us the key to living a life that causes us to suffer less.

Yet discipline does not seem to sell a sizzle like passion! A sizzle that will be long gone before the power and endurance of discipline gives up!

© 2017 Illura


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