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Why people do heroin ? What does morphine does to our brain and body ? Find out - NOW!

Updated on May 16, 2012

Poppy plant cut

A picture of poppy plant that was previously cut.
A picture of poppy plant that was previously cut. | Source
...raw opium coming from the "wounded" poppy plant.
...raw opium coming from the "wounded" poppy plant. | Source

Basics - Introduction

What you need to know really is what is "heroin" actually ? Heroin, medically known as "diacetyl-morphine", is a product of opium. Opium is obtained from the top of poppy plants, by cutting it genitally with razor. The cut on the plant releases liquid that's later oxidized on air - and then gathered by workers on poppy fields. The oxidized liquid is opium.

The production of heroin begins when all released liquid from "wounded" poppy plants is gathered. When gathering is done, the collected opium - raw opium - is proceeded for morphine extraction. Basically, raw opium has different kinds of alkaloids - about 47 different kinds.The most used, and generally active ones, are mentioned morphine and codeine but also there are many more that are also used... The procedure of morphine extraction itself is relatively easy. Some basic ingredients that are available word-wide are used for getting - worlds most addictive drug. For getting morphine out of raw opium, some of needed supplies are baking soda,petrol{gasoline},source of heat ... etc. Pretty amazing, huh ?? It's amazing - because IT'S SIMPLE - to get the dangerous product, that got a war name by itself "The Opium War".

When morphine is extracted, from raw opium, it's proceeded to secret chemistry labs where basic chemistry skills are needed for getting diacetyl-morphine - HEROIN. When heroin is produced, it's packed and distributed all over the world. From Afghanistan, that produces about 90% of today's heroin production, heroin finds it's way to the most remote places on planet,by some of really remarkable ways for it. One of the perfect examples of how heroin makes its way to the consumers world-wide is... putting it in to the CARPET. Can you believe it? Producers have found an remarkable way of getting heroin in to tiny tubes that make the carpet itself, and, on that way - heroin is delivered to its further distributor, usually some big drug-boss.

Prevention of "Only this time" CRUCIAL

Preventing from getting in touch with people that use heroin, prevention of first touch, and PREVENTION in general - is the most important thing that society, on global level, should be aware.

Without it, people get easier in to first contact with such an addictive drug as heroin is. The average age of "first touch" with heroin is different from country to country, and it varies, but one is sure: the down-line of "first heroin experience" is going down and down from day to day.What's actually sadly.

Usually common questions and sentences that crosses minds of those who are in situation to try it for very first time are: "Will I get hooked from first dose?" , " O my God, I will be so cool ... I can hang out now with all those cool kids that are using it." , " I will never be like that guy from school ... man, how did he let him self to get so low? " , " I'll never be addicted to it." , and the most common: " ONLY THIS TIME. " . Why THERE IS NO "ONLY THIS TIME" WITH HEROIN ?

What make us want it again ?

Why is there no first and last time ? - The answer is easy. Once, one of the patients in front of my methadone center, said to my mom, as an answer to this question said: " Madam, heroin is too good to be "tried" . " . The answer is all there. Now, let's go deeper and see why is it "too good to be just tried " ?

First of all, you have to know that there are several kinds of administration of Heroin. There is oral, intravenous or "I.V" , intramuscular, subcutaneous, anal, nasal and inhaling the smokeevaporation of heroin being heated on foil. The most common use of the "first time" is nasal ,but rapidly, when that "first timeS" pass - when recreational users became addicts - it all come down to the needle and I.V use. Heroin, by any mean of its route to body, is converted entirely to morphine. Oral way of use of morphine is usually avoided because morphine is less potent when it's taken orally - and what's most important for addicts - there is NO rush when it's taken on that way. Contrast to oral is I.V route of administration , where heroin/morphine, is much much more potent and it causes euphoria which is usually the trigger for the addiction and psychical/physical dependence. What I.V users also feel, except euphoria, is sedation and kind of "emotional connection" with persons that surround them. But, euphoria is most common "trigger" for addiction. Why? - The answer relays deeply in our brain where nano and kappa opioid receptors are situated. Heroin, converted well after "first pass" to morphine, penetrates opioid receptors so they produce and receive sometimes HUNDRED TIMES more dopamine that our body naturally produces. Dopamine is an substance that's responsible for pleasure and all good feelings that we feel when we eat something{chocolate},touch/being touched{on right spots},or when we make love. Except heroin/morphine, substitutes used in maintenance treatments, also have an penetrating effect to opioid receptors in brain - more about it, read my Hub about what do opiate substitutes (medications) do in a meaning of their C.N.S penetration of GABA and opioid receptors.
So, now we know what are the least potent oral and what are the most potent intravenous ways of heroin administration. Close to the I.V is anal route of administration, because most of the absorption of ANY substance is processed in small intestine.

So, the conclusion of what makes us to use "The H" one of the street name for heroin is the pleasure that heroin gives us after administration. Heroin is considered as an "downer" drug, and driven by the every-day fast life, people just want to find their peace and to relax. Sadly, some of them find their peace and relax in "yellow dust" ...

"Medicine heroin" - diacetyl-morphine/diamorphine of 30mg recently used by Switzerland,Netherlands,Denmark,Germany,Norway for maintenance treatment of addicts.
"Medicine heroin" - diacetyl-morphine/diamorphine of 30mg recently used by Switzerland,Netherlands,Denmark,Germany,Norway for maintenance treatment of addicts.

H.A.T ?

Do You support heroin assisted treatment for heroin addicts?

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    • lafamillia profile image

      lafamillia 6 years ago from Soutcentral Europe


      Yes, I totally agree with you - in a meaning of "people will try everything to kick out their "unhappiness" " ...

      BUT, I have to say that methadone is not about SWITCHING one DRUG with another, it is about SWITCHING LIFE STYLE IN GENERAL. Methadone, as a medicine, brings you not just an substitute to heroin, but it brings an "substitute" to whole lifestyle in general. And heroin assisted treatment is something that is MUST - ON GLOBAL LEVEL. H.A.T , has to be in PRIMARY HEALTH CARE in all countries followed by "primary human rights" - right to choose { health care,way of life...etc}

    • 2besure profile image

      Pamela Lipscomb 6 years ago from Charlotte, North Carolina

      People use heroin because it feels good. When I was an addict, it addressed the undiagnosed depression and anxiety disorder I had. When you feel hopeless, you will try just about anything to feel better. I also agree with heroin assisted treatment because when they use methadone, then you have another drug to kick!