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Why should we drink so much water?

Updated on January 31, 2012

"Drink 8 to 10 glasses of water a day!"

How many times have you heard this one? Why has it been so important, and why should it be the first thing you try before getting started on any new diet or nutrition plan?

Think about it. You know how you're able to hold on to your mouse and scroll down to read this? How your eyes are able to move back and forth across the words? Lubrication. Without it, we wouldn't live very long without the regular friction and degradation of our skin and organs grinding up against each other. The pain would have killed us, assuming our nervous systems didn't also need fluid to function. Not only does water provide lubrication, but it's the very reason our blood flows into our kidneys, and therefore the reason why our kidneys function best when we're hydrated...what's easier to strain through, water or sludge? It's the biggest enabler for detoxifying you body, which by the way significantly reduces your cancer risks. And finally, do you know how helpful water is with weight loss?

Water weight: the woman's natural enemy...Did you know that when your body doesn't get the amount of water it needs, it retains whatever water you do consume because it's trying to survive on what little it's getting? So if you're having weight issues, and there is even the slightest chance that water retention could be a factor ( because you don't drink water regularly), then you owe it to yourself to heed this tip! When your body gets used to getting the fluid it needs, it has no need to retain any more. Plus, with water regularly flowing through your blood and draining things out of your system, it can slowly shave off fat cells where fat doesn't belong...Look what flowing water did to the Grand Canyon. It can do that for your cholesterol and fat deposits, too; however like with the Grand Canyon, it takes a lot of time to get big results, and perhaps THAT plus the added visits to the bathroom steers people away from committing to it. It's nonetheless important anyway, because it's a great aid to any diet you plan on pursuing. It helps detoxify your body so whatever goodness you do put into it will be welcome by happier cells.

So how much water would you need to drink everyday? You always get the 8-10 glasses/day thing...but what unit of measure is a "glass"? A tumbler or a shot glass? Frankly, it depends on your body. It depends on your weight. There's a great calculation I used to help determine how much fluid that someone with my weight would need per day. And it's a ballpark, because there's water in juice, milk, fruits, veggies, etc. But to make sure I'm properly hydrated, I just shave off about 8 oz to take that into consideration...after all if we were getting all the water we needed from our food, would anyone be harping about drinking more?

Here the calculation for ADULTS: 1500 ml + 20 ml for every kg of weight over 20 kg you are. This is how much fluid you need in a single day.

For example, say you weigh 150 pounds. Convert that to kilograms by dividing 150 by 2.2. So in kilograms, you weigh 68 kg.

68 kg - 20 kg is 48 kg.

Multiply that by 20.

That's 960 ml of fluid, which you then add to 1500 ml needed right off the bat, just to break even. The total amount of required fluid for a 150-lb woman is: 2,460 ml.

Now, put that in perspective: That's about 2 and a half liters. Or one full 2-Liter bottle of soda plus a quarter of another. Now that standard water bottle, be it Dasani, Deer Park, or whatever you like, is 500 ml, or 16.9 oz. " Do you mean to tell me that over the course of the day, I need to drink up to 5 of these bottles a day??" Um, YES! Drink one whole bottle with each meal, and you already go through 3 out of those 5 bottles. Then simply drink another bottle midmorning with a snack and another bottle midafternoon with a snack, and you're golden!

**Don't drink water just before you sleep though...for obvious reasons. And also, if you have heart failure, more fluid is your enemy, so you would be the only person I would advise AGAINST drinking more water.**

Yeah, it's going to be tough at first. I didn't think it was possible but it was. And I feel better for it! In fact, now I get really thirsty when I don't get all my water in for the day and my body wants more. So give it what it it that you care. And believe me when I tell you it will be the best first step you ever take towards a healthier you.


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