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Why the Color Black is a Great Lifestyle Hack

Updated on October 6, 2017
Athlyn Green profile image

Athlyn Green is interested in common-sense approaches to health, quality of life, and planning for the future.

Stain-Free With Black Socks

Socks always look good in black.
Socks always look good in black. | Source

Black Just May be the Best Little Hack

Never underestimate the power of the color black to make your life easier. We often buy clothing items and small appliances, and give little thought as to how they are going to look when soiled. Many of these items are available in white and while it might be a clean-looking color it is also a perfect contrasting color, one that with normal wear and tear will show up every little bit of grease and grime, drips, drops and all else. While none of us mind cleaning grime some of the time, if you've opted for white, you'll be doing this far more often.

There's got to be an easier way. And there is! Black.

Sometimes, making simple changes can make a world of difference to the "hassle-factor." This article discusses why you will want to consider choosing the color black when making certain purchases. By doing so, you can save yourself embarrassment and cleaning time. Read on to find out why black can truly revolutionize your life and make it that much easier.

Oh, Those Awful-Looking White Socks

Do your white socks look like you stepped in a puddle?

Does this sound familiar: you hear someone knocking on your door and you strip off your yellowed socks and stuff them out of sight, opting to go barefoot--or, if company pops in unexpectedly, you feel embarrassed and try to hide your feet under the coffee table.

Stained White Socks: Recipe for Embarrassment

They may be comfy but these are socks you don't want anyone to see.
They may be comfy but these are socks you don't want anyone to see. | Source

How Black Solves Two Sock Problems

White socks look nice for the first couple of washings but over time they start to look downright unrespectable. I know you know what I mean. They either become yellowed or they have ominous-looking dark stains that normal washing just doesn't tackle. And the darn things seem to act like a magnet for fresh stains that never, never seem to want to come out.

Now you can bleach them but that's a short-term solution because those stubborn socks will just pick up more stains, which, of course, will require more bleach. What's a person to do?

Solution #1

Simple. NEVER and I mean never buy white socks. Buy black socks and you'll never again have to worry about how the bottoms of your socks look. No more having to bleach them either. Your socks will always look clean and respectable.

Solution #2

And... here's another benefit of always buying black socks: buy the same kind. Why? You will never again have to hunt for a matching or missing sock. Seriously! How easy is that? When you buy all the same black socks, it doesn't matter if your washing machine gobbles lone socks by the tubful, you'll always be able to pair up your socks.

Black Covers a Multitude of "Sins"

Even When Old and Worn Black Socks Rock it Stainwise

They may look tired but you never have to worry about stains.
They may look tired but you never have to worry about stains. | Source


Ulp! Never Do We Want Our Underwear to Look... er... Yellowed

White Looks Bright... Not!

Would that white underwear stayed looking as bright as it does in the store, but it doesn't.
Would that white underwear stayed looking as bright as it does in the store, but it doesn't. | Source

Underwear That Even Grandma Would Approve of

You'll find the same scenario with your dainties as you did with your socks. Many people toss out discolored underwear but by simply choosing these items in black, you eliminate stains ever showing where you don't want them to.

If you've been buying them in white, don't. Your mother and grandmother may have asked if you had clean undies on before you went out anywhere. While they were worried about whether your undies were clean, they were likely hoping you had the foresight to pick a pair that wasn't discolored, as well.

When you buy your underthings in black, you never have to worry about how they look, even after repeated wearings and washings. Why subject yourself to embarrassment if someone sees your unfolded laundry?

This advice may seem obvious but how many of you have switched to black underwear?

Why Constantly Battle?

Why use bleach or sunlight to brighten discolored white undergarments when you can just choose these items in a different color?
Why use bleach or sunlight to brighten discolored white undergarments when you can just choose these items in a different color? | Source

Other Underthings

The same could be said of other underwear items. If you are tired of larger items looking yellowed, discolored, or failing to look "brighter than bright, save your bleach and simply buy these in black, which will never yellow or show stains.

Withstanding Washings and Wearings and Still Looking Great

Changing the way you shop. And Grandma would approve.
Changing the way you shop. And Grandma would approve. | Source

Flying Worry Free

Plan ahead for peace of mind.
Plan ahead for peace of mind. | Source

Red Alert: For Ladies Only

Here is one of my all-time favorite hacks. Ladies, if you have to fly and "Aunt Flo" has come for a visit--and you all know that Aunt Flo has a nasty habit of showing up unexpectedly, either delaying or coming early for both dances and flights, you will most definitely want to give thought to the color of pants or slacks you'll be wearing while you travel. If the worst-case scenario happens, truly, black pants will save the day.

Peace of Mind While Traveling

Black comes to the rescue.
Black comes to the rescue. | Source

In The Kitchen

The color black isn't just a great idea for clothing items that pick up stubborn stains. You can employ this same strategy in your kitchen for small appliances or anything that you are sick of having to clean constantly.

The Bane of the Stained Garbage Can

How many times have you looked at your garbage can and realized that, yet again, you have to remove tea drips and other stains? Often kitchen garbage containers come in white or other light colors, but these colors don't do the trick from a practical standpoint.

Unsightly and Definitely Not Fun to Clean

Stains just waiting for a happening.
Stains just waiting for a happening. | Source

White Trash Can? No!

While buying a white kitchen trash can may seem a good idea at the time--it looks blindingly white and spanking fresh--in practical terms, white is one of the worst colors imaginable.

I'm surprised that so many stores sell white kitchen trash cans. And I believe that sellers are trying to send a subliminal message of cleanliness: they produce white cans, in order to make their product more saleable--as if white somehow makes the idea of garbage more acceptable.

But with a white can, Every drip, drop and stain will show up against that backdrop of whiteness. Now if you were creating a painting and needed contrast, this would be ideal, but the last thing you want is your daily grime shown off to its best advantage. And that's exactly what happens with a white can.

Solution? Switch your kitchen trash container for a black one. Completely hide all those unsightly stains that accumulate on the swinging lid, around the edges and down the front and sides. Choosing a black trash can definitely means working smarter, not harder.

White Can Truly be a Sight When it's Covered in Dribbles and Drabbles

Looks good until stuff spills all over it.
Looks good until stuff spills all over it. | Source

Small Appliances

The same could also be said for small white appliances. You face the same scenario with every drip, drop, and stain. A dark color can help to reduce or hide most stains. Why not clean your appliances when you are in the mood to, instead of having to?

Additionally, white plastic tends to yellow over time.

Had you thought of using black for the items mentioned above?

See results

Why You May Find This Black-Hack is an Idea That's Time Has Come

It goes without saying that this black color strategy can be used when buying other clothing items or even for larger appliances. Once you try using black and see how much easier it is, you just might choose to take this idea on step further.

© 2017 Athlyn Green


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    • DDE profile image

      Devika Primić 

      3 years ago from Dubrovnik, Croatia

      I like black and most of my slacks are black too.

    • Athlyn Green profile imageAUTHOR

      Athlyn Green 

      3 years ago from West Kootenays

      Ha, ha, Peggy. I once had a pair of wool pants in black and man, did the cat hair stick!

    • Peggy W profile image

      Peggy Woods 

      3 years ago from Houston, Texas

      What you said makes perfect sense. Almost all of my slacks are black and the next time I purchase undies and socks I will look for black.

      Our only problem with that approach is that our cat's white hair shows up beautifully on black slacks. What cannot be rolled or brushed off...we wear proudly. Haha!

    • heidithorne profile image

      Heidi Thorne 

      3 years ago from Chicago Area

      OMG, black is my go-to for a good chunk of my closet! Or, at lightest, dark charcoal gray. I use brights to offset pants and such to liven it up. But white? Yuck!

      And I always look for black tech gadgets. Biggest white color investment was our house's siding. Immediately regretted that.

      Glad to see I'm not alone. Love this!


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