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Why to Use Foam Rollers and Benefits

Updated on December 7, 2013

The foam roller is a fitness tool that is used by athletes in physical therapies to stretch and relax tight muscles. The technique is known as the Myofascial release therapy. Apart from that, rollers are also used for other purposes such as balancing training, self massage and stretching. In case you are wondering, the foam roller is a cylindrical-shaped compressed foam that comes in different lengths.


There are many foam roller benefits that one can gain from. For instance, you can improve your blood circulation, balance and reduce the soreness and tightness in your body muscles. As we grow older, our body tends to build up trigger points in parts of our body. When we developed a habit such as poor posture or exercising and training too hard, it can cause our muscles to get contracted and not able to release and relax. When our muscles stays contracted, it creates what you now know as trigger points. Rollers are great to be used to stretch these contracted muscles and helps it to relax and releases from the contraction.


There are certainly many advantages of the foam roller. First, it is a tool that is very simple and cost-effective. Its simple design makes it an easy tool that you can easily keep away without using up a lot of space. It is also one useful self-massage tool where we can use it on our own to de-stress from our day after work or after a strenuous workout at the gym.

It can help us to reduce the chances of getting physical injuries caused by overworking our muscles in sports or our exercise routine as it stretches and prevents the build up of trigger points caused by common exercise injuries. Finally, foam rollers can keep your body flexible when it is used regularly. Usually caused by tight hamstrings, foam roller for lower back can prevent back pains and other injuries.

Some reviews

High density foam rollers are the perfect choice for those who want to stretch upper back and thoracic outlet. It is very firm and it is recommended for those who already using rolling techniques. Other features you may be interested: it is great for balance exercises, it has a smooth surface, and polyethylene foam technology.

Muscle therapy foam roller relieves stress and muscle tightness and it is a great tool for pressure points and self massage. With this tool you will be able to release built-up tension while aligning the spine. Also, it is ideal for home gym use and travel.

If you are interested to use foam rolling, you may want to learn as much as possible about the different foam rollers products and to pick the right one that is suitable for you to begin with. As a thumb of rule, the denser the roller is, the more intense the stretching will be for you. It is advisable to choose the one that your body is capable to handle before your body is ready for the more intense stretching.


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