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Why we should all wash our hands after using the restroom

Updated on April 9, 2013

Why we should all wash our hands after using the restroom

Have you ever found yourself in this situation? You walk in to the stall you are doing your business and then another person who was there already just leaves after just zipping up. Then later for your surprise you have to meet this person that you know that did not wash their hands. And you just do not want to shake their hand for that reason. Not a nice first impression right? Have you ever wonder why guys do this? Well I have been in this situation myself and also asked myself the same question.

Just think about it you go in do your business and not wash your hands and just go out like nothing happen in the restroom? I have thought that maybe these guys are just lazy to wash their hands. But the fact of the matter is that we should all wash our hands even if we are in a hurry. The restroom is a place where we as humans go deposit our waste. That means anything that is undesirable; bacteria and toxins that are expelled from our body should stay there. Yet again some people do not wash their hands and like to share all those ugly things with others.

Reasons to wash your hands

When we eat and drink our body uses the proteins, vitamins and carbohydrates that come from that food and drink to use it for our survival. It’s a long process which takes about 30 hours from the time you ate to the fun part in the stall. While all the waste that the body does not need and other toxins and bacteria are push out by the body. Some bacteria like E.coli could cause health issues and are sometimes present in areas of the rest room. Yes it is important that we all wash our hands, unless we want to get sick and infect others.

Some tips

From the moment you walk into a restroom you should know that there are bacteria nearly everywhere, from the floor to the stall, to the soap dispenser. But this does not mean we have to have a phobia over germs, just that we should be more aware and cautious not to spread germs. For example the toilet is a place where there are bacteria because of course people use it but there are some things you should do to minimize carry around bacteria. This isn’t common knowledge but when you flush a toilet and it has no lit that you could put down the toilet could actually spray small particles all over the place. One tip that we can all do is after using the toilet we open the restroom door and flush the toilet and walk out as soon as you do. That will help that you get sprayed without you knowing.

Now when we walk to the sink to wash our hands there are bacteria on the soap dispenser and the knob of the water faucet. But that should not prevent us from washing our hands. We get soap wash our hands, scrub for 30 seconds at least and rinse with warm water. Something I like to do is to wash my hands reach over for a towel dry my hands quickly then use the towel to close the water faucet and open the door of the restroom as well.

In conclusion

Yes this is a funny topic to write about but I just have seen so much of this lately that I had to write about it. It happens so often that it’s just funny to think that adults would actually not wash their hands after a trip to the restroom. And to tell you the truth not only is it about being hygienic but also about just being courteous with others. Think about it if someone is sick and does not wash their hands and that disease could be transmitted through skin contact would you like to touch that person? Or even worse have that person prepare your food? So to everyone let us wash our hands when we are done with our business and teach our kids to do the same. Not only to be healthy but to also show each other consideration and not pass on those germs. Thank you for reading.

How many times have you seeing someone leave the restroom without washing their hands?

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    • Jean Bakula profile image

      Jean Bakula 5 years ago from New Jersey

      This is really an important issue. I have been in some rest rooms that are so disgusting I walked out. But when nature calls, what can you do? I think hand sanitizers are a big help. There have been times I've flushed the toilet with my shoe in a particularly skanky bathroom. Also, after you wash y0ur hands, you don't want to touch the door handle out of the room if others who haven't washed touched it. Open the door with your elbow if you have on a coat or long sleeves. Or even if not, at least the germs won't get on your hands and move to whatever you touch!