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Why we should breathe properly?

Updated on September 6, 2014
sam777777 profile image

Sam is walking on the path of success. I am going through many failures or moments of opportunities to improve who I am.

What is breathing properly? I will explain what proper breathing is. I just want to throw this in that we all go about our days doing our jobs, chores, assignments and hobbies. And we remember to do these things, but there is one thing we forget to do is breath properly. You have probably had symptoms of not breathing properly. Anxious or fearful or not staying calm or twitching right eye. If this is you, then you really might want to stick around. Or if this is not you, then you still might want to listen to my breathing techniques for health fitness.

Dealing with Personality A mindset
Dealing with Personality A mindset | Source

Acknowledgment of Anxiety

According to what I said above, are you an anxious person? I can admit sometimes that I am too.

See results

Now some of these people can fall in to the type A personality category, the ones who are workaholics. This personality type can easily suffer from heart disease because every stress hits their head. When there is this type of anxiety, you need to relax. Deep breathing is a step that can go towards mental relaxation. This is the first type of breathing. To really bring yourself to the rail of deep breathing, you must take the following steps:


1. Acknowledge your anxiety or even do it under normal conditions.

2. Building the right mindset: We have to remind ourselves the process of deep breathing will keep us centered.

3. 2 coupled-steps: Breath in all the air until your belly distends or sticks out. You want to have the feeling your stomach is going to explode, but don’t worry you will not have to work that hard if you start it out this way. Also, count backwards from 10, so breath + count backwards 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1. Along with setting this breathing, remind yourself to think less.

4. Positive Feedback: Tell yourself how wonderful a job you are doing or you are doing great. This builds your confidence. You will not need to fight as bad.

Note: Deep breathing is also used by people who meditate. I will explain this at the end of this section.

Benefits of doing this:

Your emotions are intact. You are positive because deep breathing feeds your mind the attitude that you got this. This is reflected via the controlled breathing.

Controlled breathing= controlling attitude

Physiological training:

What do we have to do to reach the state of mental relaxation?

You want to breath in every molecule of air, so that we can get the diaphragm engaged in action.

You ask what a diaphragm is? Do not worry. I will explain.

The Diaphragm is a dome-shaped muscle that covers the bottom and sides of the lung. The muscle contracts and expands to allow air in and out of the lungs.

First air comes into the lungs. Inspiration makes the diaphragm contract. The contraction flattens the diaphragm making it look less like a dome.

The diaphragm muscle
The diaphragm muscle | Source

Now I want to make the link between this breathing and calmness.

How would I make it?

When the diaphragm flattens out, it becomes closer to the vagus nerve. This nerve is part of the parasympathetic nervous system. This nervous system governs the rest-and digest system, so in simple terms it keeps you body relaxed as opposed to the flight-and-fight response, which involves adrenaline and gives your body an emergency response. I can tell you this based on medical knowledge from the courses I took in medical school.

In conclusion, use the diaphragm more than the chest for inspiration.In addition with my personal experience, I have noticed days when I just took breaths with my chest, I showed some anxiety to approach people and did not show composure with the task I would do.

The signs I would show are high heart rate and shallow breathing.

I started using the deep breathing technique. I have to say that it really works! If we are going to breath, then we should breath the right way. When we are less anxious, we do things with calmness. In this world, things are made possible through our interactions with others. Calmness allows others to see we are taking steps with sincerity and others want to get involved.

Testing my knowledge:

What muscles do I need to use for proper breathing?

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Involvement of Deep Breathing in Meditation

Meditation requires a nice rhythm of breathing set by deep breathing. Deep breathing keeps you calm, focused and efficient. It brings you into a nice meditative state. It makes you see the full picture. As a result of a relaxed state of mind, you become more creative with whatever task you perform; ideas just come out of no where and I have to keep a notebook on the side. I get antsy to write down all my ideas.

Meditation is nothing without deep breathing.
Meditation is nothing without deep breathing. | Source

Why do you need to do this?
1. Clear mind- It will relieve you of the congested mind state. With breathing, you will set a state of relaxation into motion. The ideas that crank out of your mind can help you capitalize. Obviously, we have to convert those ideas into actions.

2. Gets focused and fixed.
Your thoughts will not race. Your idea station will not be a traffic-jammed roadway.
Focus is the narrow range of things of you want to close in on through you thoughts and action. Focus is especially required through the tough times.

3. Reserve great mental energy for efficiency in actions.
This mental energy does couple with focus above. When you think about many other things, which are irrelevant to the cause, you tend expend way too much energy.
Let's use an analogy. In pool, you hit the ball at the bottom of triangle rack up. That energy transferred from your ball to the other balls diffuses, so energy is not really profitable or efficient to getting a single ball in the hole. Listen guys I still want you to play pool by the right set of rules, but you know the reason why I am saying this.
Bottom line: We need this mental energy to be efficient. Efficiency can be defined by the full number of actions you take during the period of time.

4. Positivity is the holy land we want to reach. We can reach it!
The efficiency built from #3 and positivity harness the ultimate efficiency. The more positive actions you take, the efficiency goes ups.
I have seen all these benefits of deep meditative breathing.

Contemplation of meditation:

Have you ever thought about meditation?

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The second type

The second type involves breathing that is adjusted according to the activities that are run everyday. The term adjusted highlights the fact that the type of action determines the rhythm or rate of breathing. The rhythm is set by the inspiration ( breaths in) and the expirations ( breaths out) .

Jogging, boxing, or exercising engages in breathing that requires a certain rate. Jogging, normal low-intensity exercises or boxing require faster deep breathing. This allows you to go through long-endurance activities. So you can use a rate of 3 breaths in/3 breaths out. Jogging is a basic exercise you definitely need to begin implementing proper breathing.

Jogging is another state of mind, so we need to add proper breathing.
Jogging is another state of mind, so we need to add proper breathing. | Source

I remembered the 1st week that jogging was unbearable. I wondered why . While I was jogging, my body was moving but with too much exertion. I had a feeling my muscles were doing their work, but there was not enough oxygen being delivered. The little light bulb went off. As you know, whenever you have a great idea, this symbolic bulb lights up. And I realized it has to be the breathing I am doing wrong, so I google and search . I recognized there was a rhythm of inspiration and expiration. (Runners world: Lung Power)

Kickboxing + proper breathing = powerful combination
Kickboxing + proper breathing = powerful combination | Source

High- intensity activities require a short fast paced breathing. Lets do 2 breaths in/1 breath out. You need more oxygen to go through the intensive pounding activity of sprinting or high-intense kickboxing or whatever activity, so we need 1 more breath in than out. High-paced breathing will allow you to have a better fighting posture.

Sprinters also use fast breathing. Uphill running need fast shorter breaths. Something you will not need to think about is breathing in an emergency response.


Runners World: Lung Power


1. What are some other things that are essential for life besides breathing? ( List 1 below in the comment section)

2. What did you find useful from this hub? (List two things below)


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    • sam777777 profile imageAUTHOR

      Satvinder S. Sihra 

      4 years ago from Queens, NY

      lol It's fine. Yeah proper breathing is vital. You also make a valid point about hydration.

    • denise.w.anderson profile image

      Denise W Anderson 

      4 years ago from Bismarck, North Dakota

      I pushed the wrong button! I meant to push the up button, not the down button, and for some reason, I couldn't undo it! Sorry about that!

      I have found that proper breathing is vital to managing my anxiety. The other thing that I have found that makes a big difference is proper hydration. Drinking adequate amounts of water allows my body to relax more as well.


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