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Why women have to work harder to lose weight as compare to men?

Updated on November 23, 2015

Ten Reason: Why Women have to work harder as compared to Men for weight lose?

The simplest answer to this question is that: "Men have advantage over women naturally". They have natural way to adjudge whether they obsessed or not? Someone told me an interesting way to know whether you are obsessed or not. You may stand erect naked and without bending your neck see below. If you will be able to see some part of your penis, you may satisfy yourself that you are not obsessed otherwise you may take it seriously to overcome obesity. Certainly, women don't have such natural thing that is why they may have to work harder to even know whether they are obsessed. OK that was silly joke, now come to the point.

Women usually found complaining, "I don't eat as much as my brother. Just look how thin he is." Though the women have more desire to lose weight as compared to men, they have to work harder as compared to their opposite sex. The reasons behind this setback are discussed as under:-

Built of the Body

There is a great difference so far as the built of men and women is concerned. Men with larger bones and well-developed muscles may seem somewhat overweight compared to women having lighter built. But it is a fact that women having lighter built may be carrying around more fat.

Naturally, men have more muscle mass as compared to their opposite sex. On the contrary, women have more body fats. More muscles means consumption of more calories. Body fat content is 25% for women at normal size compared to 15% for men. This is just natural. The Almighty has built the body of the women to give birth to the babies whereas the men have to work harder which requires muscular utilization.Hence there is no injustice to any of the gender on the part of mother nature in this world.

Men are more inclined towards exercises as compared to women

3. Exercise may be the key factor in weight control and men are more probably to choose vigorous physical exercises such as jogging or resistance training as their preferred weight loss technique. On the other hand, women tend to opt diet which is lower in calories, opting for leafy greens and vegetables as part of their weight loss plan.


Women have weaker nerves

"I was very poor and my mummy papa always used to quarrel". I was very young when I became pregnant." So these frustrations created habits in women of over eating. I have listen such like things in a National Geographic Program which sounds like "My 600 lb life".

It is a proven fact that some people are overweight because they are worried and frustrated. To soothe themselves they nibble a little here and there between meals. Munching may ads weight rapidly.

Results of an NIMH funded study show that nearly one out of four cases of obesity is associated with a mood or anxiety disorder. It is also obvious from the report issued by the United States Department of Health and Human Services that women may be almost twice as likely to suffer from major depression as men. Furthermore, the rates of anxiety disorders are two to three times greater in women than in men. This factor also leads to the conclusion that women have to give much attention to get rid of obesity and loss weight as compared to men.

It is also confirmed by American Psychological Association that:

i The ratio of great stress between Women and men is 28 percent vs. 20 percent.

ii. 79% women say that Finance problems causes stress as compared to 73% men.

Habit of smoking and drinking

The scientists after different surveys and analysis come to the conclusion that men are more addicted to smoking and drinking, which is another aspect which cause weight loss. Therefore, men have to lose weight unconsciously. Though smoking and drinking may cause weight loss but may expose a man to more serious diseases. Smoking and drinking cause cancer and reduce the life span of a human being. Moreover, the latest research shows that after quitting smoking a man may gain some weight but after some time his metabolism returns to normal.

Smoking and drinking is injurious to health

Taking left overs

Many housewives' bodies resist to loss weight because they hate to see food wasted. Far better to prepare less food and avoid the problem of 'left-overs. Normally, it is the duty of the house wives to prepare food and to clean the dishes, plates and bowls. Instead of throwing the food which they have prepared with very hard work the women prefer to consume the same. During cooking session they also have to taste the food and in this process unknowingly and unconsciously they consume more food as compared to men.

Left overs

It is all about will power

Controlling the weight requires consistent efforts. However, it is also true that women have lesser will power as compared to men. It takes real will power to loss weight, but it is certainly worth while.

According to the American Psychological Association (APA):

"women are more likely than men to cite lack of willpower as a barrier preventing them from making the lifestyle and behavior changes recommended by a health care provider (34 percent vs. 24 percent)."


Difference in Life style of men and women

Obviously, life styles of women and men are different and is one of the causes for this diversity. Women have to manage home affairs whereas men have to attend offices, farmhouses and have to travel from home to their destination of work. On job they also have to perform hard work e.g. harvesting and labor work etc. On the contrary, their job compelled the women to confine at home to do some cloth wash, cooking and caring their babies.

Watching TV and obesity

Time consuming jobs of women and watching TV

Women have more exhaustive working environments as compared to men. Though their job is lighter but time consuming they have to work long hours leaving very short spare time which they usually spent in watching soaps and other drama serials on TV. Extensive research conducted by Howard University confirmed a link between television viewing and obesity. They recommend that TV watching should not be more than two hours. As compared to women, men have lesser opportunity to sit before TV and to watch different programs.


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