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Try Hypnosis

Updated on June 8, 2014

Try Hypnosis?

Why would you Try Hypnosis?
Why would you Try Hypnosis? | Source

Why would you Try Hypnosis?

Hypnosis, why would you want to try this? The sub-conscious could be instrumental of the conscious state, for relaxation, possibly. Some people use hypnosis for smoking, trying to kick the habit. I have also known that diet can be achieved by hypnosis. In training for hypnosis, there are really no ground rules, you simply put your subject in a comfortable setting and try to trigger the subject to respond to your ideas or persuasions. The idea scares people from ever trying this type of therapy, it is quite safe, and no stage hypnosis is just that, staged.

In becoming involved with this therapy, I was amazed at the response I had from being hypnotized by a hypnotist, no big deal really, I knew what I was doing and yet felt a heavy load come off my back after the session was over, so I would say it works for you if you want it to. There is no NLP of fancy mind control, and though if you really dig deep into the sub conscious of another human being, they still will not reveal anything they do not want to, its fact.

Hypnotists have come a long way because of the Internet, you can download Mp3s of hypnotic sessions and I have even made a few ourselves, and plan to possibly sell mine as well. They are nothing but soft granulated music with a deep toned voice that should be comforting to listen to, while you lie back on your bed and relax. This is what hypnosis basically is, is a relaxation exercise, and hopefully you can master your feelings a bit more after a few sessions. I tend to fall asleep during a hypnotic music mp3, it’s the calm that meets the ear, and the slow deep voice of the hypnotist that is pleasant to your ear.

There are several ways to put persuasive thoughts into people’s minds by words, as we do here, there are some articles that are SEO and you can tell, by how many times and where one puts their keyword in effect for the spider crawl effect. That to me is scarier than a hypnosis session by far. I have seen people come out of hypnosis that feel lighter than air, mostly they just feel better and wish they could of stayed longer.

The problems in the world stem from stressed out people that may say things they do not intend to say, with the use of hypnotic therapy there is a tendency to forget all that bothers you for twenty to sixty minutes in a session. I call it relaxing therapy. The corporate world needs a bit more relaxed atmosphere with all the hoopla on the work stress and it would be invaluable for the employees to start practicing this if given a chance. More production comes from rested soul.

In ending this , I have recently made some hypnotherapy tapes or mp3s and I am debating whether to sell them or not, to me it’s snake oil in the sense that if you just listen to soft music tracks and no commercials, one can zone out pretty easy, I will have to think about this. If you plan on going to hypnotherapy for a diet plan or to quit smoking, you’re going to have to do your part and put the cigarette’s down, and think back to your session, so it’s not all that easy, same with a diet, it will help one to stop eating as much, yet you have the fork in hand and you must learn to control this. Though I like hypnotherapy you must be careful to make sure you go to a specialist that has referral clients for you to know what type of outcome to expect. This may make or break the idea of hypnotherapy for you. Hypnotist does not cure, they help, yet don’t rely one hundred percent on these therapist, you may have to take long sessions and many of them to achieve your goals.


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